Planning An Alternative Schoolies?

Planning An Alternative Schoolies?

Traditional schoolies week doesn’t appeal to everyone and that’s perfectly OK. If you’d still like to celebrate this milestone but the busyness of a mainstream schoolies event is putting you off, there are lots of other ways you can have fun and mark the occasion.

Our Top Alternative Schoolies



Staying at home, organising catch up with friends, heading to the beach, or spending some time getting reacquainted with the couch and snoozing is a perfectly acceptable (and quite frankly appealing) way to kick off your summer.


Book a beach house or AirBnb

If you’re looking for something a little more special, how about planning a trip with a few of your best friends. You can lounge around all day by the pool, sightseeing, taking day trips and partying with a more intimate crowd.


Be cruisey

Is a cruise more your style? Then why not check out what options are available or book a house boat for a few days. You can even book special schoolies cruises.


Plan a road trip

Not to be scoffed at, a classic road trip can be the ultimate in fun and adventure. Either by yourself of with a couple of friends, just choose a destination and work out how you’re going to get there and where you can stay along the way.


Go camping

A good old camping option shouldn’t be overlooked either. A few nights away with no plans, no responsibilities, a fridge full of food and your mates, campfires and sleeping under the stars – doesn’t get much better. Or cheaper.


Work it

It might not sound much of a celebration to everyone, but if you’re keen to start earning money and being independent, now’s your chance. Plus if you start applying while everyone else is planning their schoolies week, you could het ahead of the crowds and land yourself the best job.


Be productive

Perhaps you’d love to get away but you still want to be a little bit proactive? Why not check out short residential courses and retreats, indulge your passion or hobby while adding something valuable to your CV too.



This is a great opportunity to explore the world, feel better about yourself, learn new skills and add something valuable to your resume.


Achieve a goal

While trekking to Everest’s Base camp and skiing in Japan might be off the cards this year, if there’s something else you’ve always dreamed of doing, now is your time.

Whatever you decide to do, why not use this time to do something memorable.

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