Changing Your Preferences Quick Read

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Changing Your Preferences Quick Read

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of year 12 and survived the epic finale of exams and assessments. Now’ it’s time to enjoy your graduation, formals and schoolies, then relax until ATAR results are released.

If you’ve been pondering on your uni options then now is the time to reassess your preferences too.


Know when to step away

If you think that you’ve nailed your preferences and done as well as expected in your exams, then you can focus on other things (perhaps finding a summer job, planning your gap year, applying for scholarships and grants, researching accommodation and other essentials near where you’ll be studying).

Just because friends are talking about changing preferences, leave you selection alone if you’re sure you’ve made all the right choices for you.


You can change your preferences right now

However, if you’ve any concerns about your preferences, then now is the time to change them.

You can reorder your preferences if you’ve changed your mind about what you’d most like to study or add new ones if you’ve found a course that you think will suit you better. If your circumstances have changed and your original university locations or courses may be impacted, or you think that you may have done better or worse than expected in your exams, why not spend a little time looking at other options and reordering or changing your preferences to suit.

Remember that the preference listed in your number 1 spot should be the course that you’d most like to receive an offer for during the main round of university offers (just after ATAR release).


There will be other opportunities

Don’t stress if you don’t get around to it, or changing your preferences becomes an issue after you’ve received your results – there will be other windows where you can make changes and ensure you receive the best offer for you.

Here they are:


State Admissions Centre Results Release Date Change of preferences cut-off for main round offer Change of Preferences Closes for next offers round
NSW & ACT UAC 20 January 2022 11.59pm 21 January 2022 11.59pm 29 January 2022
Victoria VTAC 7am 16 December 2021 4pm 20 December 2021 4pm 20 January 2022
Queensland QTAC** 8am 17 December 2021 12pm 20 December 2021 11.59pm 5 January 2022
WA TISC 19 December 2021 11.59pm 19 December 2021 11.59pm 14 January 2022
SA & NT SATAC 8.30am 13 December 2021 15 December 2021 10 January 2021
Tasmania* UTAS 15 December 2021 Mid-Jan

*UTAS send out their main round of offers to Tasmanian students mid-December and to students in all other states/territories in January, so you may need to call and check with them when the last chance to change your preferences will be.

**For QTAC change of preferences, do not press save until you are sure they are exactly as you want them. The first three times you click the ‘save’ button are free, but each time after that, you’ll be charged a change of preference fee. Also please note the 28 January 2022 offer round will be the first round where NSW and ACT Year 12 QTAC applicants can be made an offer on the basis of their ATAR.   NSW and ACT Year 12 applicants are encouraged to apply to QTAC by Friday 10 December 2021 and complete changes of preferences by 5 January 2022 (excludes courses with early, fixed, closing dates).


Coming soon…..


There’s more information about changing preferences in our Apply to Uni Guide, but keep you’re eyes peeled because as soon as we’ve heard back from some more universities we’ll be publishing a Change of Preference Information Session quick reference guide as well.

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