Top Online Course Providers

If you’re stuck at home but don’t want to fall behind on your learning, or are just looking for something different than watching Netflix all day, there are heaps of online providers that offer courses and education resources.

You can study almost any subject you can think of, and many of them are free as well.

Here are some of our top picks.




edX hosts over 3000 short courses online, in almost any subject imaginable. You can learn from real universities and global business leaders from around the world. They offer standalone courses, pathways to university, as well as boot camps, professional certificates, and more.

Check them out here:




TED-Ed is packed with fun, bite-sized lessons. Learn about a topic through video, then delve deeper with mini quizzes, guided discussion, and access to further resources.

Take a look here:




Similar to edX, FutureLearn offers a variety of online short courses and microcredentials. They have lots of courses available for free, and you can study at your own pace.

Find out more here:




OpenLearn is a totally free learning platform, packed with tons of online courses. They don’t just offer subject-based courses either, but handy life courses, teaching you about skills for work, money matters, and more.

See more here:




Coursera is another organisation that offers both free and paid online short courses. Through Coursera, you can even study full degrees from unis around the world fully online.

Learn more here:


Khan Academy


Khan Academy offers free online resources and tools specially for students from ages 2 to 18. They work as a great supplement to your existing schoolwork, or something extra to learn if you’re feeling curious.

Find out more here:

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