Low ATAR Course Options at Australian Universities

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Low ATAR Course Options at Australian Universities

If you’re finishing up in Year 12 this year and you’re ATAR eligible, then you already know that you can apply to go to uni.

But what if you’re worried that your exams didn’t go well and your ATAR could be lower than expected? Or perhaps your predicted ATAR is low and you’d love to go to uni but you’re stressing that you won’t get an offer.

Well, we have good news for you. There are more courses than ever being offered by Australian Universities that have low ATAR requirements.


Low ATAR Course Options at Australian Universities


When we searched Course Seeker for courses that required an ATAR between 30 and 50, it came up with a whopping 448 courses to choose from.

Here are just a few examples:

So if you are keen to pursue a career in Agriculture, Business, Architecture or Construction, Health (including Nursing), IT, Science (and plenty of other areas); but you are expecting or receive a low ATAR, remember there are plenty of courses that you could get an offer for.

If you haven’t got any low ATAR options listed on your preferences or you have them listed but they’re not at the top, you can change your preferences before the cut-off dates for offer rounds. Which could increase your chances of receiving  an offer (or offers) that you really want.


You’ll still have a choice about where you study too


With 29 institutions on Course Seeker offering course options with low ATAR requirements, you may not even be limited by where you want to study. There are also online options to consider, allowing you to apply for courses with universities in other states and complete your studies remotely.


Find out what’s possible


Perhaps a course you really want to do a course at a specific university is out of your reach if your ATAR doesn’t quite hit the mark. What can you do?

Again, you’ll still have options. Firstly it’s worth calling the university directly and having a chat with someone in the Future Students team. They’ll be able to identify all the options on offer that could help you get into a similar course with lower entry requirements. Help you to find bridging or tertiary preparation courses that could do the trick, or explain how internal transfers could work in your favour.

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