Preparing to start your summer job

Preparing to start your summer job

Landed yourself a summer job? Congratulations!

If this is your first job you might also be wondering what comes next and what you’ll need to do before you start.

Here are some ideas on how to prepare for you Summer Job.


Formally accept the position


Employers might let you know that they want you for the job in person, on the phone or by email. Received your job offer by email or in the post, you’ll need to reply letting your Employer know that you’ve received the offer and you’d like to accept.

If you’ve verbally accepted the job, it’s still nice to follow up with a written thanks and confirmation of your acceptance.

Now’s the time to ask if you’re unsure about anything to do with your new position, before you’ve signed any contracts and committed yourself further.

For example are you confident that:

  • About the duties you’ll have to carry out
  • What the employers expectations of you are, e.g. customer service or performance
  • You know how much you’ll be earning, as well as when and how you’ll get paid
  • All the details about your start date and time, plus a roster of when you’ll be working have been provided
  • You know what uniform or dress code you’ll have to stick to and who’ll be responsible for providing those


Getting organised


Make a note of your start date and schedule on a calendar or in your diary. Then you can go ahead and plan the rest of your holidays around when you’ll be working and avoid scheduling conflicts or letting people down.

Remember to update your parents with all the details too, or leave them somewhere central they’ll be able to find them (on the fridge is always a popular option). It’s good idea to let your family know where you are for safety and essential if you’ll be needing their help to get you to and from work.

Check what you’ll need to bring on your first day such as:

  • Bank account details
  • Your tax file number
  • Details of your nominated superannuation fun
  • Any other paperwork that’s required
  • Uniform and meals etc

Organise your commute. If you’ll be relying on public transport, then make sure you know the routes and timetables, you could even organise yourself a travel pass to avoid having to buy tickets for each trip.

If you’re lucky enough to be driving yourself, you may need to work out directions if you’re not 100% sure where you need to go. Find out what the situation is regarding parking – is there a designated area, do you need to pay etc.

Will you be required to wear a uniform? If so, then you’ll need to give your employer your sizes and find out when you can pick it up. If a uniform isn’t required, then you need to make sure you’ve got your work wardrobe sorted out, that it’s clean and that it conforms to what’s expected.

Organising to take packed lunches and your own drinks will help you to avoid spending your hard earned cash while you work and help you to save even more.


First day


Make sure you arrive in plenty of time. It’s never great turning up late, but particularly not on your first day.

Remember to look smart and ready to work.

Double check you’ve got everything you need before you leave the house, that includes paperwork and details you’ll need give to your employer so that they can pay you, you might even have to show licenses or qualifications if they’re required. (Don’t forget you lunch, drinks and an travel money you might need as well)

You might also like to take a notepad and paper so that you can jot down notes or instructions.


We’ve all been there


Remember every employer and employee has been in exactly the same position as you. First day nerves are normal and you can’t be expected to get everything perfect first time. If you do make a mistake, or forget how to do something, it’s usually best to speak up sooner rather than later though.

Good luck. Hopefully you’ll love the experience, learn lots of new skills (to add to your resume later), make new friends and earn loads of money.




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