University Offers and your options explained

Congratulations to all Year 12 school leavers on the amazing achievement of completing your school education.

For those of you planning on heading off to university, or for parents with children heading off, the wait for your ATAR results is nearly over and the next chapter of your lives is about to begin.

Hopefully your exams went really well, your ATAR score is what you expected (or better) and you’ll get an offer for your first preference. But if that’s not the case, you’ve still got time and options on your hands, so don’t stress.

Here’s our offers flow chart which could be helpful if you need to reassess what to do after the main round of offers are over.

University Offers and your options explained


Changing your Preferences


If you’re still struggling with some aspects of changing preferences and the offers system, you can download our apply to uni guide here or get information about all of the change of preference information sessions here. Alternatively, you can contact your tertiary admissions centre (UAC, QTAC, VTAC, SATAC, TISC or UTAS) directly for more advice. There’s loads of information on their websites or give the future students team a call.

If you’ve applied to a uni via direct entry, call their admissions team for some information about your options and what to do next.

Top Tips to Remember


  • If you get an offer (even if it’s not the one you’d really like), you can accept it so that you have it banked, then withdraw from it later if you receive another offer that suits you better
  • You can accept as many offers as you like, then choose the best option for you
  • Make sure that if you’ve accepted multiple offers, you check the census date, make your decision and let the universities know if you’re going to withdraw before that all important date. Otherwise, you could end up being enrolled on more than one course and at multiple universities, then you may have to pay all the fees
  • When you have decided on the offer that’s definitely the right one for you, the university should let you know all the details about how and when to enrol. So be sure to check your nominated email address that you supplied during applications. If you’re unclear about anything, give the admissions office at the university a call and the staff will be able to help you out

Good luck and best wishes from all the Study Work Grow team.

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