7 ways to forget exam stress

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7 ways to forget exam stress

FACT – Exams suck. And they’re stressful.

But… they’re over now. You can relax.

Stress is hard on our bodies as well as our minds. That’s why it’s so important that once stressful situations are over, you learn to decompress, shrug it off, and move on.

Which is not as easy as it sounds. Here’s our top tips for your post-exam recovery:

7 ways to forget exam stress


1. Box it (or bin it)

Out of sight – out of mind.

The physical act of removing all the study paraphernalia that’s been clogging up your desk, bag, school locker and life in general, will make it seem real. Exams are done (for now anyway).

All those text books, notes and revision notes – be gone.


2. Let it all out

Some people can only let go of stress once they have vented, so find someone who’s sympathetic and supportive – parent, friend or teacher, and just get it off your chest.

Other people internalise their emotions, if that’s you, then write it all down. Write it in your diary, write a letter and burn it (how symbolic is that – just be careful you don’t start a fire please), or let rip on social media.


3. Find your Zen place

Yoga and meditation are well recognised ways of de-stressing, so if you haven’t already had a go with these methods of relaxation, give it a whirl. You can go to classes or find online courses.

Music is another proven way to de-stress, so whether you need to crank up the tunes and jump around like a maniac or find some soothing chill out music – put it on.

Let’s not forget sleep. Making sure you catch up on sleep will help you feel a million dollars.


4. Celebrate

You know you deserve it – how about asking your parents if you can go out for a celebratory meal to your favourite restaurant or have an end of year party?

Organise it with all your friends, classmates or cohort. Find a venue (free ones like the beach or park will do), bring a bit of food each, some drinks, a speaker system and a playlist that will be popular = instant party.

Alternatively, arrange a small catch up with your extended family and / or best mates, a BBQ and some time to sit back and chat will help you forget all about exams.


5. Plan your free time

School is over, your exams are done – so there’ll be no pressure or reminders from well-meaning teachers, parents and siblings with well intended comments like “shouldn’t you be studying?”

No doubt you’ve been looking forward to this break for ages, but if you don’t plan (at least a little bit) you could find your holidays flying by. You don’t want the post holiday blues to hit because you regret not doing more with them do you?

Catch up with friends let their plans inspire you or come up with some fun things to do together. Lock in the movies, a shopping trip, endless days at the skate park or beach. You could even learn a new skill or try something you’ve been thinking about for ages.

And if you’ve have motivation left over perhaps you could even find a summer job to help you refill your bank balance ready for next year.


6. Enjoy the great outdoors again

All that time cooped up inside while you study is essential; it’s a means to an end. But now you’re free as a bird, get outside.

You can’t beat a bit of fresh air and Vitamin D to help you relax and feel healthier.

So whether you choose to ‘veg’ at the pool or on the beach, go on a hike, organise a picnic or can’t wait to get stuck into some sports – don’t put it off any longer.


7. Indulge yourself

A bit of self-care is great for our mental health and rewarding yourself for all your hard work is a great way to start.

Have a long soak in the tub, treat yourself to your favourite food (or drink), grab a good book and lie back on the couch, turn on the A/C and have a movie marathon. Whatever makes you feel good, now is your chance.


Other ways to forget about your stress

Doing nothing at all can be relaxing, for some people, for a while. For others not so much.

The busier you are the faster you’ll forget about your exam stress. You could try making lots of plans to fill up your calendar, and have an amazing, fun-packed break.

Or, you can get busy doing fun stuff that also counts towards your future. For ideas about more things to do over your summer holidays you could start by “Don’t waste your summer holidays” or check out some other resources at Study Work Grow.

Now take a deep breath and have fun forgetting about your exams.

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