10 Top High Flying Job Spotlights from 2021

10 Top High Flying Job Spotlights from 2021

High-flyers are people who are perceived to be big achievers, so when it comes to careers this could be because they take a lot of training to get to where they are, and / or they have the potential to move up the ranks of professional careers and earn lots of money.


Here are the top 10 high flying careers we’ve featured this year:


We’ve chosen these based on the qualifications required, average salary and the amount of times they’ve been viewed online.


  1. Sonographer

Patients need ultrasound scans for a range of conditions from pregnancy and broken bones to more complex health conditions. Performing specialised diagnostic examinations using high frequency ultrasound, these medical professionals are highly skilled  and earn an average salary of around $130,000 per year in Australia with strong future industry growth predicted.


  1. Psychologist

Psychologists use their knowledge and skills to diagnose and help to treat people managing a variety of mental health problems. Working in the field of mental health, as trained professionals they earn on average $110,00 per year.


  1. Urban Planner

The brains behind the creation of new communities and built spaces, Urban Planners identify the best ways to meet the needs of people and the environment. Earning an average of $80,000 a year (some earn lots more depending on experience and who they work for) this is a rewarding job that could see your legacy spanning lifetimes.


  1. Pilot

You don’t get much more high flying than an Aircraft Pilot. Flying a variety of aircraft, there are many options to explore within this industry, you could be flying people, cargo, or exploratory equipment. Earning on average $130,000 per year flying could be a career well worth considering.


  1. Pharmacist

Making up an important element of health professionals, Pharmacists have lots of job roles and work environments to choose from. With an average salary of $80,000 per year there’s the potential to earn a lot more as well as helping many people.


  1. Dentist

We all know that Dentists look after our teeth, but there’s more to this high-flying career than fillings. They also diagnose, treat, and help to prevent diseases and other problems with people’s teeth and gums, some of them even carry out surgeries. It takes an average of 7 years training to qualify in this profession, so it’s no wonder their average salary is $180,000 per year.


  1. Logistics Manager

Without people in these roles, our goods would never get distributed around the country or the world. Although qualifications aren’t strictly required for this job you could get a serious leap up the ladder with some credentials to get you started. Once you’ve had some experience and reached management level, you can expect to earn $110,000 per year (or more).


  1. PR Officer

Public Relations Officers can be the difference between their client making some money or being super successful and making loads of money. Although the average salary is listed as $80,000 per year, some PR Officers can rake in whopping salaries depending on who their clients are and how great a job they do.


  1. Financial Manager

Financial Managers are number wizards who make sure their clients are making not losing money and that their finances are wisely invested and spent. With an average annual salary of $119,000 they’re worth their weight in gold to their employers.


  1. Chef

With an average salary of $60,000 per year you might wonder why this job has been included on the high flyers list – well – number 1, who doesn’t love eating great food? And number 2 if you’re passionate about what you do and invest time and energy into this career, you could be earning millions. Jamie Oliver’s estimated net worth is $400 million but hang on a second, the richest celebrity Chef in the world is Alan Wong who’s worth a jaw dropping $1.1billion!

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