7 ways to look after yourself over the holidays

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Summer holidays are the best, aren’t they? But how can you make sure that at the end of the summer, you’re feeling on form and ready to kick goals in 2022?

We’ve got a few ideas that could help.


The physical stuff


Catch up on your sleep – it can be good for your body, mind and soul. We’re all happier and healthier if we’re getting plenty of rest.

Don’t forget to keep active too, whether it’s taking the dog for a walk or going adventuring with friends or family.


Your body is a temple


When you’re on a break from routine, or you’re busy out and about, it can be tempting to take the easy option of fast food and snacking all the time. That’s ok, but try to make sure that you make healthy choices some of the time too.

Eating and drinking to excess could make you bloated and sluggish in the short term, or feel run down and lethargic in the long term. Either way, you might end up not having enough energy to enjoy your holidays.


Have a go


Is there something that you’ve been interested to learn more about or have a try of, this year, but you’ve just never had time… (or at least that’s been your excuse)? Well, why not make some time this summer? Whether you love it and find a new hobby or absolutely hate it, at least you’ll know.


Embrace the Christmas spirit


And no, we do not recommend getting into your parents’ bar.

Christmas is a time for generosity, kindness, and charity towards others. Volunteering is one way that you could really get on board with those notions; you could make a world of difference to someone less fortunate than you. Along with the added bonuses that volunteering could make you feel better about yourself, be fun, gain you some new skills and friends, and look great on your resume.


See the people who matter most


Prioritise quality time with friends and family, build on your connections, make wonderful memories and have fun.


Live guilt free


Make the most of your holidays by not over scheduling your time.

Living life in the fast lane the whole time could leave your burnt out before the next year has even begun. If you have commitments like a summer job or volunteering, then of course you’ll need to honour those. But having free time to do as you please whenever you want could be a breath of fresh air.


Create a “holding pen”


Got a list of things to do? Maybe you’ve got goals to achieve, a resume to write, a study plan to create? Whatever is on your to do list, work out which tasks you can put off for now, then schedule them in your calendar for later in the year. That way you know you won’t forget about anything, and you’ll get the essentials covered in time, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your summer.

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