10 Unusual Careers to Consider

10 Unusual Careers to Consider

 There are so many careers out there it’s mind boggling some times, and of course you’re not expected to know about all of them. Some jobs are more unusual (verging on weird) than others, some are outright spooky, then there’s just the ones you haven’t heard of or don’t know much about.

Looking back over our job spotlights, we’ve put together a few that maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to consider.


Top 10 Unusual Job Spotlights from 2021


  1. Computational Biologist

Do you know what a Computational Biologist does? No, I didn’t either until we looked it up. They carry out research using a combination of biology, computer science, physics, and mathematics. Then they use their findings to develop analytical methods for interpreting biological information.

What does that mean? You could be sequencing the human genome, creating replicas of the human brain, or helping to model biological systems.


  1. Dog Handler

There are lots of popular jobs out there that involve dogs, from grooming to walking and veterinary science. But how many Dog Handlers have you actually met and what do they do?

Well, they train and work with dogs in a variety of fields e.g. in conservation, in the police force tracking and apprehending offenders, they can also be trained to locate drugs and detect bombs and a whole stack of other things too. Some dogs are trained to find humans after natural disasters or help to carry out rescues.


  1. Anthropologist

Anthropologists study humans. Their habits and customs, cultures and beliefs. Depending on your job you could be studying any aspect of humans and their societies both in the past and right now. They might uncover or preserve artefacts and information; or use their knowledge to provide insight about how to change the way we live right now and improve our future.


  1. Music Therapist

You can probably reel off a list of jobs within healthcare, but there are probably some that you’ve never even heard of (we’re still learning too). Music Therapists are allied health professionals (not part of the medical, dental or nursing professions but who provide specialised support to patients as part of the same team), they provide therapeutic care to a wide range of patients, using music as an aid or tool to support their treatments.


  1. Scrum Master

If you thought this job had something to do with rugby, you’re not alone. But you’d also be wrong. “Scrum” is a project management approach that’s often adopted in organisations where large, complex, or multiple projects are happening simultaneously.

Scrum frameworks help teams to structure and manage their workloads better. And the Scrum Master is the person who’s in charge of orchestrating the whole thing, making sure everything is running smoothly and enabling each part of the team to work at their optimum level.


  1. Auslan Interpreter

Communications superheroes, Auslan interpreters are able to help bridge the gap between hearing and non-hearing people. They’re needed in hospitals, courts, schools, as well as on the TV and at music concerts.


  1. Tattooist

Tattoos are hugely popular these days so while you probably know what Tattooists do, it’s not a job that’s regularly featured in careers pages. This is a skilled trade where you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship with a mentor to qualify. They need to learn how to use specific tools and inks, work with a variety of skin types and in some difficult to reach places, on clients with varied pain thresholds. Masters of hygiene and safety they need to ensure that tattoos heal well without causing infection.


  1. Cartographer

Did you ever wonder how maps are made and navigation works? It’s mainly with thanks to the work that Cartographers do.

They research, collect and collate geographical information then convert and present it in visual representations such as maps, graphs, charts, plans and images. Traditionally Cartographers specialised in the publication of maps but these days their skills are used in more settings from navigation and defence, to politics and education, as well as app and website development.


  1. Toy Designer

You’ve probably been awe struck by the number of toys on the shelves as you walk around the shops but have you ever wondered whose job it is to come up with them? Toy Designers envision new toys and produce the designs, which ultimately go off to be manufactured and marketed as completed products. I wonder how much fun they have rocking up to work every day.


  1. Visual Merchandiser

You see their work every day and because of them you might buy stuff you had no intention of taking home each time you visit the shops. VM’s play an important role in the retail industry – they make shop floors look appealing, remain functional (so you can reach everything and get your trolley through), and they use all of their creative and psychology skills to get you buying more.

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