What makes you “you”?

Who am I?


It’s a pretty scary question – who am I? Before you can start looking towards the future, you need to know what stage you’re at right now.

Doing a bit of introspection can actually be quite useful when it comes to deciding your future goals. It can help us see the things we are happy with, and what we might want to change. It can also give us some direction when thinking about what we might enjoy or be passionate about for our careers and lives.

And it’s not as difficult to figure out as you might think. You just need to ask yourself a few questions.


What drives you?


In other words, what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you love making your friends happy? Learning something new every day? Do you want to make a ton of money, or maybe be famous?

We are all motivated by different things, and it makes up a part of who we are.


How do you want to spend your time?


Unfortunately, there’s only so many hours in each day. You probably want to spend most of them doing the things that make you happy.

Think about what those things might be – is it spending time with friends and family, working hard, or having lots of leisure time to yourself?


What makes you happy?


This one is pretty easy to answer for most people. What are the things that bring you joy in your life?

Would you give anything for your pets? Do you feel most comfortable with a paintbrush in hand? Is playing sport your favourite thing to do?


What’s working for you now?


You probably already have a daily routine – it might be great, or it might need a bit of work. Either way, think about the things that are working for you right now, and the things you might need to improve on.

You might have a great study schedule. Maybe you’re great with money and saving tons. Or you could be getting enough sleep every night.


Who are your allies?


We know this is supposed to be about who you are, but the people in your life also make up a big part of your identity. We need allies that can help us in different parts of our lives, whether that be personally, professionally, or academically.

Think about the people who help and guide you – your favourite teacher, your parents, or a close friend.


Pulling it all together


Now that we’ve done some thinking, you probably have a pretty clear picture of who you are as a person – what you like, what motivates you, and the things you do.

Having all this information can help us start setting our future goals. We’ll expand on this some more in the coming weeks.


We’re all different


If you compare your answers to the above questions with a friend, you’ll probably find that you both said very different things. And that’s okay!

We’re all different, and this is a good thing – it means that we can support each other with things we’re not so good at, and find future jobs that are fulfilling for different reasons. You might think the idea of standing in front of a class of kids is a nightmare, while someone else might thrive in that environment.

We also tend to be products of our environment. You might find that a lot of your interests and beliefs come from people close to you, like your parents or siblings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change. In fact, you’ll find that who you are (the things you enjoy, what motivates you) will change a lot over time – and that’s okay too.

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