Artology Fanfare Competition

Artology’s music programs give young people (aged 12-23) real-life experiences with an opportunity to engage with professional composers, conductors and youth orchestras around Australia. If you’re a budding composer or musician then the Fanfare Competition and the NEW To Country program are exciting opportunities for you and FREE and easy to enter!

Select instruments from the Instrumentation List and write a 30-second ‘Fanfare’ or a one-minute ‘To Country’ piece or both! Submit a Short Score (using a few instruments that best suit your composition); a Full Orchestral Score and output a Recording from your notation software. (If you are having difficulty converting your score to Short Score form simply submit a PDF of your full score).

Selected participates workshop and refine their compositions with mentor composers Nicholas Vines, Lyle Chan and Christopher Sainsbury. Workshops dates are Saturday 23 July and Saturday 20 August and the recording session and the concerts will be announced in 2022.

Entries open in February 2022 and the deadline is Monday 6 June 2022, 5pm.

Find out more and enter here: https://artology.org.au/fanfare/

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