What drives you?

What drives you

Finding our motivation


We’re all motivated by different things. By finding what drives us, we can start to narrow down our potential options for future careers.

Most people are motivated by a combination of things, rather than just one specific thing. Some people find that there is one particular thing that drives them much more than anything else.

So what are the things that drive us? Take a look and see where you might fit.


Feedback finder


Do you enjoy being told when you’re doing a great job? Love receiving awards and prizes? Does having a mentor to guide you and answer any questions make you feel more secure? If this sounds like you, you might be motivated by feedback and praise.


Servant of others


Maybe you feel more motivated by giving back. You might enjoy contributing to your community in any way you can, and try to make the world a better place. Some people find that being of service to others is what brings value to their lives.


Social specialist


These kinds of people thrive in social situations. They get lots of fulfilment from having a large social circle (made up of both friends and family), and feel energised after spending time with people.


Community spirit


You pride yourself on being part of a wider community. This could be any kind of community, such as sporting, cultural, religious, or lifestyle. You are proud to uphold your community’s traditions and values.


Here for the money


The main thing you’re interested in is how much you’re going to get paid. You’re always looking for ways to increase your earnings, and the first thing you’ll check when looking for a new job is the salary.


What next?


Now that you’ve identified the things that drive you, you can link them to potential future careers. For example, if you’re most motivated by money, you might like to consider a career where earnings are high, such as becoming a lawyer or dentist.

If you’re more motivated by community, working in a job with a strong sense of community is probably going to be more fulfilling. This could be things like joining the police or defence force, or somewhere you’ll be amongst lots of like-minded individuals.

People who find value in being of service to others work well in giving and caring roles, such as in healthcare or hospitality. You might also become an entrepreneur trying to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Social specialists will thrive in jobs that require a lot of face-to-face contact with customers and co-workers. They might like to be tour guides, event planners, teachers, or more.

If getting feedback is what you value most, look for a career where you’ll get to do lots of research and investigation, or try to excel in your chosen career and win awards and accolades.

Best of all, there are tons of careers out there that suit people who value more than one of the above things. Your best shot at success is finding something that incorporates all of your strongest values.

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