What makes you happy?

What makes you happy

A big part of our lives is the things that make us happy. If we didn’t have things we enjoy, life would be pretty boring, right?

So it makes sense that we want our future goals and career to align in some way with the things that make us happy. Thinking about the things that make us happy is an exercise in gratitude – we should be thankful for the good things in our life. If you don’t think about the things that make you happy, you might be taking them for granted.

Taking some time to reflect on the things that make us happy can be a really helpful thing to do (as well as just being a nice thing to do).


Taking some time to reflect


Think about the last few weeks. What has made you happy over that time? It could be an activity you did, a person you spent time with, a place you visited – whatever it was, if it made you happy, write it down.

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • Pets and animals
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Sleep
  • Video games
  • Being outdoors
  • Money or work
  • Cooking
  • Community/culture
  • Reading
  • Technology
  • Video games
  • The list is nearly endless!


Prioritising your happiness


Now that you’ve thought about the things that make you happy, start thinking about your future. How might you be able to incorporate these things into your future career or life?

For example, if music is something that makes you really happy, you might want a career that incorporates music somehow. Maybe you could be a music teacher, a record producer, a singer, or create music for video games.

Also think of ways you can combine multiple interests at once. See the example above about creating music for video games? That’s just one way you could combine multiple interests.




It’s not just about the future – having activities and things in your life right now that are fun and fulfilling are so important.

Similar to what we looked at last week, having a good balance between doing the things you love and the things you need to do is key. It’s important to remember that the things we like make up a part of who we are!

It’s also important to remember that an activity doesn’t need to be making you money for it to be worth doing. You might like to learn an instrument or teach yourself to code just for fun, even if you never want a career in music or IT – as long as you enjoy it, it was worthwhile.

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