What’s working for you?

What's working for you

We’ve said it before, but before you can start thinking too much about your future, you need to do some reflection on your life in the present. One of the things to think about is what’s working for you now.


The good stuff


We all have things we’re proud of, no matter how small they might seem. Think about what’s working for you in your life now. Here are some things to get you started:

  • Think about your studies. Are you happy with your grades? Do you have a good study plan?
  • Consider your finances. Do you have a budget, and are you sticking to it? Do you have a job?
  • Think about your health and wellbeing. Do you eat well? Are you exercising enough? Do you get enough sleep?
  • Look at your downtime. Do you feel well-rested? Do you have a routine for your downtime?

If you’ve got lots of things working for you right now, great! If not, consider if you’d like to improve certain things in the future.


Why it works


Once you’ve identified the things that are working for you, next you need to think about why they work. Knowing why your current habits and routines are successful can help you implement strategies to make sure your future goals are also a success.

  • Have these habits become routine?
  • Did you need to change other things in your life to make them work?
  • Does anything ever get in the way? If so, what, and how do you minimise distractions?


Looking back


Even if something isn’t quite working for you now, maybe it used to in the past. Look back at any habits you used to have, and think about why they were so effective at the time. Then, consider what’s changed since then. Is it possible for you to revive some of your old habits? Or has your lifestyle changed in a way that means they won’t work anymore?


What next?


Hopefully by the end of this exercise, you’ve worked out a few things:

  • What works for you now
  • What habits used to work for you
  • What you want to work for you in the future

From this last point, we can narrow down our future goals. Maybe your study habits used to be great, but have slipped a bit recently. No worries – there’s a goal you can set right there.

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