5 Reasons to offer Work Experience at your business

5 Reasons to offer Work Experience at your business

Creating Work Experience opportunities for high school students and school leavers is of course great for the young people undertaking your programme, but it could benefit your organisation as well.


  1. Investing in your future workforce

The world of work is changing and employers need to think creatively when it comes to engaging and retaining the right kinds of people for their workforce.

Providing hands on industry experience could help young people with making good choices about future pathways and positive experiences could mean that those candidates remain in the field by pursuing vocational or tertiary pathways into the profession. Essentially, you’ll be widening the talent pool to choose from on later down the track.


  1. Work Experience Programmes could benefit your existing employees

Staff engagement and morale could receive a boost by:

  • developing the supervisory and management skills of your current employees
  • helping your staff to feel more valued by mentoring participants
  • rediscovering their passion for their job by talking about their role, your business and the industry as a whole

It’s also a good way to identify staff are great team workers, trainers, organisers etc., who may have been overlooked and provide them with further opportunities or training in those areas.


  1. It doesn’t cost you anything

OK, so you’ll have to invest some time into setting up the program and supervising work experience participants.

But you’re not required to pay any wages and you could free up some work hours for other staff by encouraging the students to do some of the smaller or more monotonous tasks to start off with.


  1. Gain new understanding

A fresh perspective, new ideas, different approaches are all things that a Work Experience program could open your eyes to.

In addition, you might learn something valuable about current education system and qualifications that could be beneficial to your business.


  1. Great for your business profile

Providing opportunities for young people could enhance your public profile, advance your brand reputation, and increase support from your local community.


Find out more

If you’re considering offering Work Experience at your workplace, here as some other resources that might be useful:



We’ll always be happy to help you connect with local schools or promote your programs at Study Work Grow, just get in touch with us at info@studyworkgrow.com.au.

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