Indigenous Mentoring Programs

Indigenous Mentoring Programs

Indigenous Mentoring Programs are designed to help you get the most out of your education – at high school, TAFE or uni – or to open up opportunities through networking and experiences.

Mentors could help you achieve all that and more by working on building your confidence, inspiring and motivating you, supporting you and believing in your abilities.

You can read a bit more about what mentors are, and ways to go about finding one here.


Mentoring Programs that could suit you


Barayamal offer several programs but their Mentoring program is designed to connect First Nations entrepreneurs with experienced mentors. You can also follow the Barayamal Network on Facebook where indigipreneurs are encouraged to make more informal connections with industry experts.

The Smith Family offers opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote communities exposure to social and work experience you might not otherwise have access to. There are a few programs you could sign up for including Girls at the Centre and the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program.

Aurora Education Foundation High School Program providing intensive academic support over a 6-year period and helping you to achieve your full potential. They also run an Outreach Program which could connect you with a role model who’ll inspire you and support you while you reach your goals.

Pathways to Dreaming Program at WSU offers mentoring from current students and alumni designed to support and encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attending Greater Western Sydney high schools to develop and achieve educational, personal and professional skills and goals.

AIEF Mentoring Program – you’ll need to apply for a scholarship (successfully) to be eligible for this program that’ll pair you with an AIEF Mentor at the beginning of Year 10. You’ll meet at school monthly and take part in group activities with other mentors and students twice a year. Mentors support students by listening, providing advice and guidance, and by acting as a sounding board for ideas and problems.

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