3 things you might not know about Statisticians

3 things you might not know about Statisticians
  1. Did you know that Statisticians have been around for thousands of years? In ancient Egypt censuses of population and more importantly cattle (the annual cattle count was one of the two main means of evaluating the amount of taxes to be levied, it was a very important economic event) were carried out each year by what would now be called Statisticians who were considered to be very important officials. 
  2. Statisticians are needed in all kinds of industries and statistics is one of the fastest growing fields offering a huge number of options for careers. You could most likely work in any field that interests you. Google, for example, uses statistics to determine which websites appear whenever you search for something and Amazon uses statistics to determine what products you might like and advertises them to you.
  3. Statisticians work can provide solutions to huge world problems like hunger in developing countries to curing diseases, or calculating mood boggling statistics like how many burgers McDonalds sell per second or how many kilograms of rubbish we produce each year (you can find more examples like this here and here).

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Check out our job spotlight https://studyworkgrow.com.au/2022/04/14/how-to-become-a-statistician/ or watch the video short on YouTube https://youtube.com/shorts/-UJyDvJ4cR8.

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