Who should go to open days

Who should go to open days

The short answer is everyone.

Well that is to say anyone who is planning on a tertiary education (and that includes TAFE and VET of course).

Perhaps you think that Year 12’s are the only people who should go to Open Days. Well they are definitely a large part of the target audience that’s for sure. But if you’re in Years 10 & 11 and thinking about Uni, you could definitely benefit from going to open days this year too.

Open Days are also for parents who’d like to know more about university. If you’d like to support your children’s wishes to continue studying after high school, then go along and get amongst it all. It can actually be really hand for potential uni students to have family and friends along, someone to mull things over with later, or ask questions they might otherwise forget. You never know, parents could be inspired to take up studying again and enrol to do a course.

Mature students, friends and siblings, the doors are open for everyone.

Unless you’re adamant that you’ll be starting an apprenticeship or heading straight into full time work as soon as you leave high school,  spending some time at open days will be a great investment of your time.


Which open day attendee are you?


The Ditherer


Unsure about Uni? Great, go along to open days, see how the lifestyle might suit you, see if the courses and the staff inspire you, speak to current students to get their opinion (they’ll be honest about the best and worst parts about further education).

Whether you leave feeling excited about going to Uni or deciding it’s definitely not for you, at least you’ll have all the facts to make your decision moving forward.


Unsure about which course


Struggling to decide which course to do, what has the best career outcomes?

The good folk at Uni will be able to answer all your questions. Reassure you about your choices or suggest alternatives that could suit you better.

You’ll need to consider any course prerequisites, the ATAR that’s required for the course, are there alternative pathways that could get you into the courses you’d like to do if you don’t meet the ATAR etc. You could also ask about work experience or internships opportunities as part of the course, industry networking opportunities and graduate employment outcomes.


Unsure about which Uni


If you know what course you’d like to do but can’t decide between two or more Uni’s, then the absolute best way to decide is to pay them a visit.

One might have better facilities, a more exciting course, internship or work opportunities. Maybe it’ll just come down to which campus you felt more comfortable in, which staff were more welcoming, or which one had the best and most affordable accommodation and transport options.


The Rock


The ultimate in decision makers, you’re 100% certain about which Uni you want to go and which course you’ll be listing at the top of your preferences – well done you, you’re in a fantastic position right now.

Why not go along to the open day anyway – familiarise yourself with the campus, see what accommodation is available, check out the social scene and speak with the lecturers and staff you’ll be working with next year. You could also ask about scholarships offered at the university and look around for job opportunities that you could apply for when you’ve made the move.

Take some time to attend another open day or two, you might find another Uni that suits you even better or find a course that blows you away. If not, you know that your first choice is the best option for you.


The Snaffler


Out to get every goodie bag, freebie and coupon that’s out there?

Well this speaks for itself really doesn’t it. What’s better than a free day out?

A free day out with goodies, surely. Pick up your free tote bag at the start of the day. Try any workshops and activities. You might even snag a free feed.

Don’t forget to register for any competitions being run as well, you never know what you could win.

And you might come away with a bonus handful of ideas about a course you’d love to do or a Uni you’d love to study at.


The Interrogator


Ready with quickfire questions?

Fantastic – draw up your list of questions and join the masses, speak to all the professionals, current students and staff.

You could find out more than you bargained for or help other future students by asking questions they’re too shy to ask, or just hadn’t thought of yet.


The Wallflower


You’re usually the one hanging back, not sure who or what to ask and terrified of having to make eye contact.

Fear not, if you’re shy, you don’t have to engage if you don’t want to. You can be an anonymous face in the crowds, but you’ll still get to take in the surroundings, soak up the atmosphere and gain a little bit more confidence ready for next year.

Take a friend or parent if this is you, they’ll help you feel more at ease and might pick up on things you could miss.


Take advantage and go along


Regardless of which type of attendee you are, there are benefits to going to at least one open day.

We recommend that you go a few if you can.

They’re designed to be fun as well as informative, so they should be a good day out.

Keep an eye out for our Open Day Guide for 2022, coming soon.


Remember, there are other options too


If you’re really unable to get along to Open Days on campus, because you’re already committed to work or activities, you live too far away or are looking at uni’s in another state, you’ve still got options:

  • Virtual Open Days
  • Online Campus Tours
  • Online Chats
  • Call the future students team

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