Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship

The Department of Defence is offering sponsorships to students who have completed their secondary education and are interested in pursuing a degree as a civilian student on campus at the UNSW Canberra at ADFA. Civilian students will learn alongside military cadets who are training in order to join the Australian Defence Force in either the Navy, Army or Air Force.

As a sponsorship recipient in the Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship, you will have:

  • the opportunity to study at the UNSW Canberra at ADFA which is one of Australia’s most respected universities and has the best student-to-teacher ratio in the country
  • full tuition costs for your Bachelor degree – this means no Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) fees
  • a generous allowance of $2000 per annum to put towards the cost of text books and other study expenses
  • an opportunity for practical work placements, which in some cases will form part of the professional requirements of your degree
  • the benefit of Defence experience when applying for the Defence Graduate Program in the final year of your undergraduate degree
  • exposure to a unique and diverse organisation with great career opportunities
  • an opportunity to work on projects with leading edge technology.

The Department of Defence will determine the undergraduate degree disciplines that will be offered from the following options:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (4 years)
    • Aeronautical,
    • Electrical and
    • Mechanical.
  • Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security (3 years)

There are no military service obligations or requirements. This is a sponsorship for civilian students who may be interested in a civilian career in the Department of Defence.

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