ATAR Calculators

ATAR Calculators

What are they?


If you’re in Year 12, there’s usually one big thing on your mind: what will my ATAR be? Most universities and other institutions take applications well before exams are over and you receive your official ATAR. So how can you know whether you’re on the right track?

This is what ATAR calculators are for. They take the results of any assessment you’ve done so far and use this information to estimate what your final ATAR might be. It’s an easy way of seeing whether you’re on track to get the ATAR you need for your course or future pathway.


Are the results accurate?


Most of the ATAR calculators out there use data gathered from previous years to give you an idea of where you might fall on the scale.

Because assessment results and scaling change from year to year, it’s important to remember that the predicted ATAR you’re given from a calculator most likely won’t be the same as your actual final ATAR. However, they’re still good to get a general idea of what to expect.

It also depends on the calculator you use. We put the same subjects and same scores into four different calculators, and they all came out with slightly different results:

Calculator95 Score90 Score80 Score70 Score65 Score
ATAR Notes HSC99.3595.3580.1563.4557.2
HSC Ninja99.6596.0580.5562.7555.25

Subjects used: English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Biology, Physics, Drama, Ancient History.

They might not seem like huge differences, but particularly if your results are lower, there is a larger gap between estimates using different calculators.


What else are they useful for?


ATAR calculators can also be handy to see how different subjects scale. We used the same results and subjects as above, but this time with only Standard English and Mathematics, to see how the estimated ATAR would change:

Calculator95 Score90 Score80 Score70 Score65 Score
ATAR Notes HSC99.295.1579.459.750.95
HSC Ninja99.695.6579.559.349

By using the calculator, you get a good visualisation of how taking subjects that scale higher can raise your ATAR.


Where can I find one?


Here are some ATAR calculators we’ve found that you might want to take a look at:

Important: Study Work Grow doesn’t endorse any particular calculator, and keep in mind that the result you get might not be accurate and shouldn’t be exclusively relied on.


A final note


Remember that your ATAR isn’t everything! If your ATAR isn’t quite enough to get into your dream course, this doesn’t mean you have to give up. There are lots of Alternative Pathways you can take to reach your goals.

You might even like to consider a pathway that doesn’t require an ATAR, like studying a VET course, doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, or even jumping into a job.

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