Meet a Mentor – Aviation Careers Mentor Program

Meet a Mentor - Aviation Careers Mentor Program

Meet Yvette Payne –  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Introducing Yvette who is one of the many awesome mentors in the Program.

Born into an aviation family, Yvette (Vee), didn’t work in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) until her early 20s.

Vee first enjoyed several other roles including process line operator, logistics and also worked as an explosive ordnance technician; but none sparked her passion like aviation.

After completing full-time study, she took a position as an apprentice AME, working on military helicopters and has never looked back.

“I call the Aviation Industry a “choose your own adventure” type of career, the possibilities are almost endless and the sky isn’t even the limit anymore.”

Vee enjoys working on aircraft and recently moved into a Quality Analyst role. This role utilises her skills and knowledge accumulated throughout her career to help make aviation safer and more efficient.

Even as a mother with a toddler, 18 months old, Vee has found the aviation industry supportive in continuing a career, she feels she is thriving and learning and describes a career in the aviation industry “one of endless opportunities”.

“Never ever let anyone tell you what you are or aren’t capable of.”

Aviation Careers Mentor Program – only a few spaces left to take advantage of this unique offering

Designed specifically to help women of all ages and life stages access exciting career opportunities across the aviation industry now and in the future.

The mentor program aims to help define aviation career goals and then develop a plan to achieve these goals, with the guidance of a supportive industry mentor.

The program runs from 29th June to 29th September 2022, with two one-hour virtual mentor-mentee catchups each month.

This is a FREE program, with limited places remaining. Applications close 28th June.

Apply to join the program at;

Be inspired, take control and map your path to an exciting aviation career!

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