Business Cadetships in Melbourne

For Year 12 students who are interested in business, why wait until you finish university to launch your career? Secure your future now by applying for a cadetship under the Business Cadetships in Melbourne Program.

Business Cadets combine study at the university of their choice in Melbourne with paid work at UBS, a top-ranking global bank. UBS has been placing cadets in Sydney through the Business Cadetships Program for the last 16 years. In 2022, Year 12 students in Victoria have the opportunity to apply for a cadetship at UBS in Melbourne.

Cadet placement is in Global Markets and in Global Research. Cadets are able to rotate through different business areas, enabling them to discover what they are really interested in and to tailor their degree accordingly. You will work alongside world-class professionals and be well remunerated.

As a cadet, you may choose from a wide range of degrees at your university in Melbourne, including economics, commerce, business, computer science & technology, mathematics and the humanities.

By studying and working at a leading company from the start of university, cadets earn a competitive advantage over students who delay work until after university. Only current Year 12 students can apply so this is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to take advantage of an unparalleled opportunity!

Check out the profiles of Melbourne Cadets on our website and have a look at the video we made earlier this year on the Sydney Program:

Applications for the Business Cadetships in Melbourne Program are made online and are open now.

Applications close on 17 August 2022. By this date, both your Application Form and School Assessment are due in.

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