Uni at School – Can I Start in Year 10?

Like to get a taste of university study and life before you finish high school? You can thanks to many universities offering Uni at School programs.

These programs let you enrol and study one or more university subjects alongside your regular high school studies. It’s a great way to see what might be in store if you’d like to go to uni and challenge yourself.

What are the main benefits of these programs?

  • If you get good results in your subject/s, you could receive a boost to your ATAR
  • Some subjects count towards you earning your high school certificate
  • Some unis offer early entry to students who complete their subjects with good results
  • You get to see what study at university is all about!

So when can you start a Uni at School program?

Most programs require students to be in Year 11 or 12. However, a few unis offer Uni at School to high performing students in Year 10 as well:

If you want to know more about Uni at School programs, check out our Uni at School Guide.

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