7 Sizzling Hot Summer Jobs to Consider

Summer is coming at last, hooray! Whether you’re a fan of getting outdoors and soaking up the rays (in a sun safe manner of course), or you’d love nothing more than a job where you’ll be able to avoid the heat and keep cool every day – there’s a perfect job out there for you.

Here’s our some of our top Summer jobs to explore.




If you’re a strong swimmer, who’s fit and active, and can focus for long periods at a time then working as a Lifeguard could be ideal for you.

Working outdoors at the beach, poolside, near lakes and other bodies of water, or you could apply for jobs indoors at aquatic centres and other recreational facilities.

You’ll spend your days watching over the waterways to keep people safe, carrying out rescues and even performing CPR.

If you’re good with people, able to remain calm in emergency situations and have lots of stamina, you’ll need to complete a relevant VET qualification and get all the skills you’ll need before you can apply.


Tiki shack owner


Nothing screams summer like a Tiki shack. These themed entertainment venues usually serve elaborate cocktails, although there could be a niche market for mocktails too.

If you think this could be up your alley, you’ll need to find a venue, then set yourself up with all the necessary business bits and bobs, from a seriously tropical name to an ABN and all the licenses required to keep you operating (the ATO, your local council and registered RSA providers in your state are the best places to start).

From there your imagination is the limit. You’ll need a theme for the decoration and cocktails, find ways to promote your business and get customers through the door to cool off in style.

If you’re not sure you can pull that off while you’re still at high school, you could start small with a Tiki-themed drinks stand; or contact local event planners to see if they’d let you go along and sell your drinks.


Swimwear designer


Just as the name suggests, swimwear designers create the latest trends in beach and swim wear.

If you’re creative with a flair for fashion, then you could look into designing your own swimwear line. You’ll probably need to work with a pattern maker to bring your garments to life. And then you’ll need to find a manufacturer who can make up some samples for you to show and sell.

Thinking about fits for all sizes, comfort, and making sure it’ll last the distance are all things you’ll need to perfect. You’ll also need to consider the business side of things, from a logo to marketing and everything in between.


Marine biologist


Marine biology is a very broad area and scientists usually choose to specialise in one field. If you love water and the things living in it, you’re looking to discover new things, or you want to help protect the planet, this could be a great area to explore.

A career in this field will require some tertiary study, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t volunteer on projects, run your own clean-up operations, participate in some citizen science, or find other ways to get involved over your summer break.


Tour Operator


Tour operators earn a living by providing organised holidays or recreational activities.

They do the research and learn a lot about the destination, attraction or activity. They will design a trip including the itinerary and content, as well as organise and hire any services required such as accommodation, transport, guides or tour leaders. Then they market their package and help people to learn, have fun and create great memories.

You’ll need to be great at planning and some knowledge of small businesses would be helpful if you’re thinking of setting up on your own. You can always start small and aim to grow.

If you need inspiration, AAT Kings started off as a small family business doing guided tours to Katoomba and Jenolan caves in a seven-seater car. They’re now one of the largest tour operators in Australia and New Zealand.


Ice Cream Manufacturer


Ice cream manufacturers develop recipes, experiment with flavours, and satisfy their customers cravings.

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications to become an ice cream manufacturer, but gaining some culinary expertise and brushing up on your business and marketing skills could help you to get ahead faster.

The Global Ice Cream Market was valued at a whopping US$111.58 billion in 2020. Ben & Jerry are a great example of how to make it big – they started off in 1978 with a $5 correspondence course in ice cream-making from Penn State and a $12,000 investment ($4,000 of it borrowed). Jerry now has a net worth of $150 million.

You could start off making small batches of ice cream at home to perfect your technique and develop new and interesting recipes – test them on your family and friends. Or scale up and start selling your frozen treats (check that environmental health are OK with you selling your wares and speak with the ATO first maybe).


Yacht Captain


If you’ve ever drooled over mega-yachts docked in tropical ports all over the world but can’t quite afford your own just yet, how about living an endless summer aboard someone else’s luxury liner?

The job requires a high degree of responsibility and you’d have to not only sail the ship but also plot and navigate safe passages, manage a budget, maintain your vessel, manage and supervise a crew, plus keep everyone on board safe.

On the plus side you could make a great salary, be paid to travel all over the world, have all your accommodation and meals included, and often get some hefty tips.

You’ll need to be fit and healthy, obtain all the relevant qualifications and licenses, get your experience up working sea hours, and have a great reputation and references.

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