Get to know yourself and your skills

Once you’re ready to think about getting a job, it’s a good idea to work out a few basics.

How much time do you have available?

You’ll need to work out how much time you’re able and willing to dedicate each week. It’s important to have a clear idea of this before you start working so that you don’t over-commit yourself. Be realistic and don’t forget to take into account other obligations and commuting time to and from work.

Figure out what drives you

Everyone’s motivation is different. Usually we’re motivated by combinations of things, not just one specific thing. But you might find that one motivating forces drives you way more than anything else.

It’s important to work out what your drivers are, and it’s a great way to start narrowing down future career options. Here are a few examples of things that motivate some people:

Feedback finder 

If you enjoy being told when you’re doing a great job, or love receiving awards and prizes, it’s likely that you’re a Feedback Finder. Feedback and praise might well be the thing that motivates you the most.

If that’s the case, a job where you have a mentor to guide you and answer any questions could make you feel more secure and be rewarding.

Giving back

If you’re one of life’s helpers, you probably enjoy contributing to your community in any way you can, and try to make the world a better place. Think about industries and careers where you’ll get to help out and make valuable contributions to people’s lives.

People person 

Does being around people help you to feel energised and happy? You might have a large social circle and feel comfortable in all kinds of situations, you’ll happily chat to people of any age and the setting doesn’t bother you. Social specialists gain fulfilment from interactions with other people and  thrive in social situations.

Community minded 

You love being a part of a community,  whether it’s  for sports, culture, religion, or lifestyle. Upholding your community’s traditions and values are a source of pride and make you feel great about yourself and your contributions. You could look for jobs where you’ll play an important role in a community that you’re passionate about – it can be upfront or behind the scenes – which suit your community spirit and be rewarding on many levels.

Financially focused

Money is an important part of our lives and can impact on many aspects of our lives, not just which job we choose. However, if your priority is how much you’re going to get paid (which is totally OK), or  you’re always looking for ways to increase your earnings; you’ll need to look for careers where there’s lots of earning potential including opportunities for promotion, or making commission, or perhaps building your own successful business.


Know your Career Cluster

The Career Clusters are a different way of thinking about what jobs are going to help you feel happy and satisfied out in the world of work. 

Learning about your strengths, skills, and values, could help work out a pathway that’s right for you.

There are six Career Clusters:

Within each Cluster you’ll find people who share a set of duties, core skills and abilities, work environments, and common outcomes. You’ll also find people from each Cluster in every industry, which means you can find a pathway that’s right for you in an area you are interested in.

Knowing where you fit could help make it easier to look beyond the most popular jobs in each industry, and understand the diversity of jobs on offer.


Identify your core skills

Your soft skills are what can help you succeed at work and in life. Employers value them as highly as any qualification.

Everyone has all core skills to some degree, but like motivators and career cluster, we’re all strong in different areas. Knowing your strengths and working on developing your skills in other areas could transform how you perform and how appealing you’ll be to potential employers.

Knowing your core skills and being able to provide evidence or examples of them will also be invaluable when you’re writing resumes, submitting job applications and going into interviews.


Ready to start your search

Remember, nobody knows you better than yourself. Figure out what will make you happy and then you’re ready to start your job search.

Looking for more tips? Look for the Getting A Job Guide that’s out now.

Good luck!

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