Where to find job opportunities

Gone are the days of having to look through the newspaper (although that’s still an option too) – now there are tons of places you can find jobs.


Look online

There are lots of handy sites like Seek and Indeed that lots of employers will list job openings with. 

You could also create a Linked In profile and search there too. In fact, if you’re open to job offers you can make that obvious on your profile and you could find that opportunities come to you.

Other social media platforms such as Facebook have groups for people who are looking for staff. So it could be worth joining a few of those and checking in every couple of days.


Check organisation websites

Lots of the big employers (think places like McDonalds, Kmart, Woolworths, Coles, etc.) take applications directly through their websites.

If you’re unsure, search them up and see what you can find, or talk to someone at your local store.


Ask your networks

Word of mouth is still a great way to get your name out there and find out about opportunities that you might not otherwise see.

You might not think about all the people you know as part of your networks, but they absolutely are. So ask your parents, or friends’ parents, adults that you know in your community, and even staff at school if they know anyone who might be looking for workers.

You could even post in your social media channels and cast your net wide in a single post.


Keep your eyes open

The good old-fashioned ways still work too. So check for ‘help wanted’ signs in business windows and notice boards, or just walk inside and ask if there are any jobs going. Too shy to go in and speak to someone? Why not write them a letter or email and include a copy of your resume.

Don’t forget to browse the job section of your local newspapers as well. Libraries will often have a copy that you can access for free.

Even if businesses don’t have any openings right now, they might keep your details or resume on file for future opportunities.


Join a recruitment agency

Sign up with local employment agencies, you can sign up with multiple agencies at the same time. There’s no cost to you and they have huge networks and often hear about opportunities before they’re posted online.

They’re also experts in matching people with jobs, and could give you feedback about your resumes and any interviews where you don’t get the job.


Attend events

Head to Careers Expos and other events happening in your area. You’ll get to meet lots of potential employers, find out about different industries, and can ask about the work available.


Stay positive

It’s normal in today’s market, to apply for lots of jobs before you get offered an interview. And even if you’re perfect for the job and have all the skills and attributes that are listed, you may not be successful.

It’s important to remember not to take it personally. Something brighter and shinier could be just around the corner. Try and learn from any mistakes that you make and ask for feedback from your applications to take on board in the future.

Have a read of our Getting a Job Guide for more tips and information that could be helpful.

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