How to become a Carpenter

How to become a Carpenter

Carpenters are highly skilled workers, important within the construction and renovation industries, in both commercial and residential settings. They work with wood in all its forms – from putting up timber frames for buildings, to boat making, creating cabinetry or fine furniture, the scope is very broad.

If you’re practical with a creative streak, love to be hands on, have great attention to detail and love a bit of variety, this could be a really rewarding career to consider.


About you:


  • Creative and visualisation of finished products
  • Dexterous with a steady hand
  • Good physical strength and stamina
  • Excellent maths skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Patient and adaptable


The job:


  • Read and interpret plans and designs
  • List, measure and price materials required
  • Build, install, repair and erect wooden frames, foundations, walls and other structural elements.
  • Cut, measure and shape timber elements, using precise measurements and adjustments
  • Construct formwork into which concrete is poured
  • Use both hand and power tools, maintain and sharpen tools


Lifestyle Impact: Moderate


  • Part Time opportunities: Low – around 23% of Carpenters work part-time (source:
  • Average hours for full-time workers: 44 hours a week, which is average (source:
  • Carpenters’ salary (median) $63,000* per year (source: *Salaries greatly vary depending on your skills and experience.
  • Future career growth: Stable (source:
  • You will be doing most of your work outdoors, on building sites. You may also do some work in workshops and sheds too.
  • This is a very hands-on job, so you’ll need to be able to withstand the physical tolls of the job.


Carpenters are most in demand in these locations:


There is demand for Carpenters in both metropolitan and regional areas. Most Carpenters work in the Construction industry.


How to become a Carpenter


To become a Carpenter, you will need to complete an apprenticeship and earn a VET qualification.


Step 1 – Complete Year 10 with a focus on English and Maths.


Step 2 – Find a business willing to take you on as an apprentice, and undertake a Certificate III in Carpentry.


Step 3 – In order to work on a construction site, you will need to undergo a General Construction Induction (sometimes known as a White Card).


Step 4 – Once you’ve finished your apprenticeship, you will be fully qualified to work as a Carpenter.


Step 5 – Once you have lots of experience, consider starting your own business.


Find out more here –



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What options are there for career progression?


Once you have lots of experience as a Carpenter, you might like to start up your own business – one day you might even be training apprentices of your own.


Do I need to go to university to become a Carpenter?


No – to work as a Carpenter you only need to complete a VET qualification, usually done through an apprenticeship.


Where do Carpenters work?


Carpenters generally work directly on building sites. However, you may also do some work in indoor workshops too (though this is usually done by Joiners).


What are 3 things I can do right now to help me become a Carpenter?


If you’re in high school and you’d like to find out if a career as a Carpenter is right for you, here’s a few things you could do right now:

  1. Start getting handy around the house – see if your parents will let you help build and fix some small things, or get into woodworking at school or as a hobby.
  2. See if you can find work experience in construction. This will help you see if you might enjoy the work, and can help you start building important contacts for the future.
  3. Talk to a Carpenter to see what a day in their life is like. If you don’t know anyone, see if you can watch videos or documentaries about a career in construction.

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