10 must-have resources for Career Educators

To kick off 2023, I thought I’d start by sharing 10 of my most-loved and much-used resources from 2022.

These are just some of the resources I’ve used time and time again when working with clients, completing research, or just trying to stay on top of all the exciting things happening in the career space. In 2023, I’m looking to add to this collection, so if you have any resources you refer to all the time please send them my way. Ok, here’s the list:

  1. Labour Market Insights – Occupations List
    This is a comprehensive list of just about every job you can think of, with information about salary, growth prospects, average hours and working conditions, pathways to employment, and key skills. It’s an Australian resource but much of the information would be useful for people working elsewhere in the world.
  2. Speakers for Schools – Video Library
    You’ll find literally hundreds of videos about a whole range of career-related topics and interviews with industry professionals from a range of areas.
  3. Forage – Virtual Work Experience
    They offer a huge range of free bite-sized virtual work experience opportunities that are always free for students. It’s worth keeping in mind that they’re a private company and collect student data, and that they are paid by employers to find talent, but considering how hard it can be to find in-person work experience Forage is an excellent alternative.
  4. The Periodic Table of STEM Occupations
    From the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this great interactive resource can help young people explore STEM career options. I love it because it’s a unique way of thinking about the diverse careers in STEM and encourages young people to click and discover.
  5. The Girls in STEM Toolkit
    Speaking of STEM, the GiST (or Girls in STEM Toolkit) is a great resource that helps young women learn about what careers in STEM look like. There are lessons, interactive activities, and career stories.
  6. Skills Builder – Research Reports
    If you’re like me and into your research then you should check out the work coming out of the Skills Builder Partnership in the UK – they have a whole range of data and insights into how we can build foster development of essential skills like communication, teamwork, and problem solving both in and out of the classroom.
  7. How youth explore, experience and think about their future – Report from the OECD
    Essential reading for anyone working in youth transitions, their analysis explores the impact of various career guidance and education interventions. You’ll learn about the types of programs that exist around the world and the evidence base for each element.
  8. CareerWise – Research and Trends
    Speaking of research, CERIC publish a weekly wrap-up of research and reports from around the world that cover a huge range of career development topics, and I’d highly recommend subscribing. To get you started, the top 10 reports from 2022 are here.
  9. Career Guidance for Social Justice – Tristram Hooley’s Blog
    Tristram is a bit of a legend in our space, and his blog is another great source of recent career development news and insights. He does a great job of bringing together key thinkers in the space and the blog is a robust resource for those looking to expand their thinking.
  10. The Week in #Careers – LinkedIn Newsletter
    Last but not least, Chris Webb’s newsletter is a fantastic source of news, research, and resources for any career practitioner. Chris is also co-host of the CDI’s #WeAreCareers Podcast and he’s on top of just about everything happening in the world of careers.


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