5 Music Scholarships You Need to Know About

music scholarships to know about

Music scholarships are financial awards given to students who demonstrate exceptional musical talent or potential. These scholarships are often offered by universities and private organisations to help students pay for the costs of their education.


Am I eligible for a music scholarship?


Music scholarships are often awarded based on factors such as performance abilities, academic achievement, and overall commitment to music.

Some scholarships are also awarded on an equity basis – this takes any disadvantage you might have faced into consideration, including financial difficulty, illness or injury, remote location, and more.

There are even some scholarships designed specifically for other musical skills, such as composition or songwriting.

So if you can play an instrument, love to sing, or can write great music, chances are you might be eligible.


Why should I apply for a music scholarship?


There are lots of reasons you might want to apply for a music scholarship:

  1. Financial assistance: One of the main reasons people apply for scholarships is to help pay for the costs of their education. If you’re considering studying at university, a scholarship can help you cover the expenses of fees and other study-related costs.
  2. Recognition of your talents: Applying for a music scholarship can be a way to showcase your musical abilities and achievements to a wider audience.
  3. Development opportunities: Many scholarships are accompanied by various perks, such as the chance to participate in special performances, masterclasses, and workshops. These opportunities could help you further develop your skills and grow as a musician.
  4. Networking opportunities: Some scholarships come with connections to people within the industry and other passionate performers, including lecturers, alumni and other students.

While some scholarship applications can be competitive, there are often hundreds of scholarships that go unawarded each year because nobody applies – there’s no harm in giving it a go.


5 music scholarships to check out


Here are some music scholarships we’ve found that you might like to take a look at:

  • Bachelor of Music Entrance Grant – awarded to incoming Bachelor of Music applicants at the University of Melbourne who demonstrate excellent potential during their audition process, this scholarship is worth between $1,000 to $10,000.
  • School of Music Entry Scholarship – ANU encourages new enrolments from students who demonstrate high level skills in the understanding, interpretation and execution of solo and ensemble performance. Worth up to $5,000 per year.
  • School of Music Scholarships and Prizes – a variety of scholarships and prizes are available to music students at UQ.
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music Scholarships – the Sydney Conservatorium of Music annually awards up to $2 million in both merit and equity scholarships.
  • Hedberg Scholarship – UTAS wishes to support the academic aspirations of students with musical talent. Will cover the cost of HECS fees plus a living allowance.

You can also search our Scholarships Database for tons more scholarships, or contact the university of your choice and ask about scholarships.

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