Why Learner Passports Are More Important Than Ever

Learner Passports

This blog was written by guest contributor Charlie Mills from Student Edge.

When hiring, recruiting, or evaluating potential young recruits, understanding the whole person holistically is more important than ever.

It’s impossible to capture the essence and experience of an individual by just looking at their ATAR Scores.

All that four-digit number represents is how they fared in Year 12 academically.

But it ignores key aspects of the experience of a young life.

With so many young Aussies diving into work experience, volunteering, sport, community involvement and so much more, a Learner Passport is key to highlighting the whole student.

But what is a Learner Passport?

A Learner Passport works a bit like a CV or Resume but goes even further than those do.

It collates all the relevant info in a young person’s life – their past experiences, any work they’ve done, volunteering, all alongside their academic achievements.

Like a CV, it’s an essential document in gaining employment and entering university.

In a nutshell, it’s the digital footprint of everything a student is and has done.

What’s included on a Learner Passport?

Basically, anything that highlights a student’s unique abilities.

This generally includes:

  • Education history, i.e. university, high school.
  • Work experience including casual jobs, internships, programs and others.
  • Extra-curricular activities (in and outside of school), i.e. sport, music and public speaking.
  • Volunteering history including responsibilities and an opportunity to add personal reflection.
  • Examples of past work, i.e. any projects and presentations that can be shared publicly.

A Learner Passport can also include other elements of individual including, such as:

  • Personal qualities and values.
  • Qualifications and licenses.
  • Awards and honours.
  • Micro-credentials (i.e. short course qualifications).
  • Personal references.

What makes it stand out among resumes?

A Learner Passport has the distinct ability to display a student’s uniqueness.

It can highlight their attributes, strengths and skillsets that combine to make that student one-of-a-kind.

But the biggest distinction also comes from the Learner Passport’s ability to showcase aspirations, not just experience.

While a CV looks back on previous experiences, most Learner Passports have the option to include work, study and life dreams, that can give employers a better understanding of where the candidate is heading.

A big advantage of a Learner Passport is also the sharing capability.

While CVs are commonly created in Word and exported as PDFs, most Learner Passports are hosted digitally, which means they can be easily shared and transformed into a resume on the fly.

This has the added bonus of opening doors more easily and streamlining application processes.

Student Edge has their own industry-standard Learner Passport that’s mobile-first, easy to use and free for students. It also generates a resume with the click of a button.

About Student Edge

Student Edge is Australia’s largest student membership organisation.

Founded in 2003, Student Edge strives to give students the edge through education and career support, study tools, student news, discounts, and surveys.

285,000 students across Australia have already created their Student Edge Passport and are on the way to securing employment and future opportunities.

Thanks again to Charlie from Student Edge for writing this guest blog for us.

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