University disability and inclusion services

University disability inclusion services

For many students living with disabilities or ongoing health issues, heading off to university can seem like a massive challenge. However, universities these days (as well as most other higher education providers) recognise the issues that you might be facing, and are there to help. You’ll find that they offer a range of disability and inclusion services that could help you to transition more easily into university life and succeed once you’re settled in.

What help do university disability and inclusion services offer?

Different universities might offer different services, so it’s worth your time to research what’s available at all the campuses you’re interested in studying at. Then, we recommend that you make contact with the teams working in those departments, ask them questions, or even arrange to meet them. Examples of some of the services offered include:

  • Accessibility options
  • Adjustments to assessments
  • Special arrangements during exams
  • Provision of specialised equipment and technology
  • Advice, advocacy, and on-site support

Who is eligible for help from these support services?

Anyone who has a disability or chronic health condition may be eligible to apply for help from these university services. Physical and learning disabilities, mental health issues, and injuries are usually all included in the eligibility categories. You may also be able to apply if you’re the main carer of someone with a disability or long-term health issue.

The best thing to do is contact universities directly. They’ll be able to tell you if you’ll be eligible for assistance, what services and provisions may be offered, and how to make sure you can access them.

Find out what’s available

To see more information about the disability and inclusion services offered in your country or with the university you’d like to study at, visit the following links:


New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States


Online study support is also available

If you choose not to study on campus, or you’re unable to, you could consider enrolling in an online course. You might find that there’s still lots of help or consideration available to ensure that you can succeed. We recommend you contact the university you’d like to enrol with and find out how they can help.

Ask the experts

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you could also speak to other experts in the field and ask some questions. They may not know all the answers, but they can usually help to point you in the right direction. Here are a few organisations to get you started:

Don’t give up

There are lots of options designed to help you achieve your study goals. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s always okay to ask for help. Try talking to your school’s careers advisors, teachers, or mentors. Speak to your family and friends about your concerns. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for information or a little bit of extra help from universities and other institutions.

You can find out more about study here, or info for students with disability here.

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