Green work experience ideas

The world is quickly growing more and more eco-conscious. When we think of sustainability, careers in science, engineering, or manufacturing are usually the first that come to mine. But green careers and green skills are seeing huge growth in demand from employers in all different kinds of industries.

In their Global Green Skills Report, LinkedIn estimate that demand for green skills will outstrip supply by 2026 – that’s only just over 2 years away.

Green careers and skills - supply vs demand

They also found that more people are being hired in green jobs than other areas too.

Green careers and skills - growth in hiring rates

As a student today thinking about your future career, it’s more than likely you’ll need to develop green skills, no matter where you want to end up. That’s where work experience comes in – it’s a fantastic way for you to build skills and explore potential careers of interest, all without the commitment of a job.

So if you’re looking for opportunities to build green skills or are dreaming of a green career, we have some green work experience ideas you might like to look into.

Renewable energy

Global demand for renewable energy is booming, and employment in renewable energy has nearly doubled since 2012. And renewable energy companies need more than just engineers and electricians to run – they need finance specialists, designers, salespeople, environmental analysts, lawyers, admin workers, and so much more.

If you’re interested in devising cleaner and more efficient ways to power our world, there are lots of businesses and organisations out there you might like to work with. Contact local solar, wind, or hydroelectric companies and express your interest in opportunities for work experience, either in the office or out in the field. You could be finding out how renewable infrastructure is designed, helping connect homes to renewable energy generators, or discovering how companies market and sell their products or services.

Biodiversity and agriculture

Agriculture and food production is unfortunately the largest contributor to habitat destruction and pushing species to the brink of extinction. In order for our ecosystems to thrive, we need to find more sustainable and eco-friendly methods of farming.

Thankfully, there are already lots of people and companies on the job. This includes government parks and agriculture departments, local farmers, wildlife rescues, and research institutions, who all often have work experience opportunities for students. You could even get involved through health and nutrition initiatives, working with doctors, supermarkets, or even local food stores to call for a change in our dietary habits and reduce the pressure food production places on biodiversity.

Green transportation

Global sales of electric cars has soared from 118,000 in 2012 to a whopping 10.2 million in 2022 – and it’s expected to more than triple to 36.9 million by 2030. So it stands to reason more people will be needed to design, manufacture, and sell all of these new vehicles.

You might like to find work experience at an auto mechanic, car dealership, or automotive designer, and get a glimpse into how electric vehicles (EVs) are made, sold, and repaired. Or find opportunities with local councils or government and discover how policy and urban planning can influence green transportation options (like building more charging stations, facilitating easier access to public transport, or providing subsidies to people who swap to an EV).

Media and communication

There are lots of people out there already doing fantastic things to combat climate change, biodiversity loss, and health-related environmental impacts. But how do we know about these wonderful things? Because someone tells us, of course.

Many news sites are dedicated to reporting on climate and environment, and are always looking for people to help contribute further, whether it’s through writing, photography, social media management, or even website design and maintenance. Or you might like to take a look behind-the-scenes at your local newsroom, from camera operation to sound and lighting effects. If you’re feeling confident, you could even become a content creator to spread the world about other passionate environmental champions and green initiatives.

Finance and investment

In order to transition to a cleaner, greener world, it all needs to be financed somehow. And skills in carbon accounting, carbon credits, emissions trading, impact assessment, and sustainability reporting are among the fastest-growing green skills in the US and the European Union.

If maths and money is more your style, there are still lots of ways you can have a green career. You could find work experience in a bank or investment firm and learn how finances are being used to fund clean energy and recycling projects. Learn about how insurance brokers are dealing with an unprecedented rise in natural disasters caused by climate change. Or delve into how companies reduce their carbon impact through emissions trading.

Find out more

These green work experience ideas are just the tip of the iceberg – there are lots of other companies, businesses, non-profit organisations, and individuals out there to research and explore.

You can read more about work experience and search for opportunities on our website here.

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