Work experience insights from real students

work experience insights

Thinking about going on a work experience placement? You might be feeling unsure about what to expect. That’s totally normal, don’t worry – but if you’d like to be prepared before jumping in, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some real students who went on work experience in different industries, and get some insights into what it might be like for you.

Communications and media – Sam

JOY is a not for profit LGBTIQA+ media organisation based on Boonwurrung land in Victoria, Australia. 16-year old Sam spent a week of work experience at their Victorian Pride Centre – here’s what he had to say:

I’ve always been quite passionate about media and drama and that kind of stuff, so when I received the opportunity of doing work experience with JOY, I jumped at the chance!

My time at JOY was incredible! Not only did I get to learn so many new things & skills, I got to have an experience that was life-changing.

I would like to thank each and every one people of the team at JOY for their knowledge and their advice that I know I will continue to carry with me throughout my journey, especially when choosing a career in the future, because the advice and knowledge I got is great for any job whether that’s in media or not.

You can read about Sam’s full experience here.

Government – Matthew

High school student Matthew came all the way from Spain to do his week of work experience with the UK’s Parliamentary Digital Service. Here are some of the highlights:

This week was a really good start to my work experience: I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I met a lot of people, and they’ve taught me a lot of things regarding their jobs which I greatly appreciate.

The first two days involved meeting a lot of new people. There was so much new information that, by Wednesday, I realised that I had to take notes of what I heard. This has been an important lesson for me too.

I really enjoyed this week, although it was tiring, I learnt so much! I remember, the first few days I was asked several times what I wanted to get out of this. I wasn’t sure what to say, I just wanted to learn a bit here and there, but if I was asked now I would have a clearer answer: I want to know more about the working environment in places like this, get a clearer idea of what working life is like, and even something that will help me in University in these upcoming years.

You can read more about Matthew’s experience here.

Environment – Imogen

Year 10 student Imogen joined the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board in Berri, South Australia for her work experience. Here’s what she learned:

This experience gave me knowledge of the specific job positions and roles that I am able to undertake in the future.

Working in the sustainable landscapes team I learnt all about the importance of the design process of signs and why specific elements have been included in a design.

While working with the education team I gained an insight of the ins and outs of teaching schools and groups about environmental sciences.

Finally, I worked with the Media and Communications team and helped write some articles and do a little bit of graphic design.

Doing work experience with landscape board gave me many opportunities to explore multiple career pathways, such as graphic design, teaching and journalism.

Read the full blog about Imogen’s experience here.

Law – Grace

Grace spent her week of work experience at Matrix Chambers in London, UK. Here are some insights she shared:

From the moment I walked in, on my first morning at Matrix, everybody was so warm and welcoming.

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend a hearing … and see several Matrix barristers in action. It was intriguing to watch their different styles of delivery, all equally engaging. Watching the Junior barristers in the courtroom was also very cool!

It was [also] fantastic to hear about the actual logistics and procedures that are in place to keep Matrix functioning.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Matrix Chambers and I cannot thank them enough. From learning about how the building itself is run, to how the barristers deliver in court, everything was incredible.

You can read Grace’s full experience here.

IT & Software Engineering – Joshua

Year 10 student Joshua spent 2 weeks of work experience with the tech consultants at Endjin. This is how his experience went:

My [time] at Endjin has been unbelievably good. I have learnt so much in this short span of time but there is still much to learn.

When I first got to the HQ, everyone was very welcoming. [The placement] was very exciting for me as I would be introduced to new software that I’ve never been around and also to the new environment.

I felt very welcomed and that I could ask questions without feeling embarrassed.

The 2 weeks being at Endjin have been a blast. So much to learn, never bored. There was always something I could do.

See more about Joshua’s experience here.

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Hopefully these stories and insights have inspired you to get out there and find your own work experience placement – you can search for opportunities on our website here.

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