What is it like to work in a wellness centre?

What is it like to work in a wellness centre

Wellness centres, also known as spas, focus on promoting overall health and wellbeing. They are a place where individuals can access a variety of services and activities aimed at enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The goal is to create an environment that supports individuals in making positive choices for their health, both in terms of lifestyle and self-care.

You might find a range of offerings in wellness centres, including fitness classes, spa treatments, stress management programs, and sometimes even alternative therapies like yoga or meditation.

While each wellness centre is different, they do have some things in common:

  1. A strong focus on wellbeing – your main priority should be supporting the health and wellness of your clients.
  2. People skills are key – you’ll be talking to and treating a wide variety of people, all with different needs and from different backgrounds.
  3. Be prepared for lifelong learning – health treatments and therapies are constantly evolving, and you’ll need to be at the forefront.

Provide holistic health and wellness services

Wellness centres are usually found in the healthcare and beauty industries. Some wellness centres might choose to have a specific focus, such as fitness, diet and nutrition, mental health, or skincare.

Key tasks

  • Conduct client assessments
  • Develop health and fitness programs
  • Educate on nutrition and exercise
  • Provide ongoing support and motivation
  • Monitor and assess clients’ progress
  • Lead fitness classes or personal training sessions
  • Perform massages and skincare treatments
  • Administer alternative therapies (e.g. acupuncture, aromatherapy)
  • Coordinate and schedule appointments
  • Manage wellness centre operations
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards
  • Adapt programs based on evolving research and needs

You can expect flexible hours and on-site work

Flexible hours  |  Work on-site  |  Jobs more common in metro areas  |  Strong job growth

Employees in a wellness centre typically work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate clients’ diverse schedules. This flexibility is essential to ensure accessibility for individuals seeking wellness services outside standard working hours, aligning with the centre’s goal of making health and wellbeing support convenient and inclusive for a broad range of people.

On-site work is more common in wellness centres due to the hands-on nature of many wellness services, such as spa treatments, fitness classes, and personalized consultations. But certain administrative or consultation tasks may be performed remotely.

Wellness centres are more commonly found in metropolitan areas due to the higher population density, diverse demographics, and increased demand for health and wellbeing services. Additionally, the cultural and lifestyle dynamics of metropolitan areas often align closer with the trends and preferences associated with wellness practices.

The Career Clusters you’ll find in a wellness centre

People from all Clusters are needed for a wellness centre to run successfully, but the most common Clusters you’ll find are Guardians and Informers. In many roles, you might find yourself performing tasks across multiple Clusters.

What do Makers do in a wellness centre?

Makers play a crucial role in maintaining and ensuring the smooth functioning of various physical and technical aspects of a wellness centre. They may be involved in tasks such as repairing fitness equipment, cleaning spa facilities, maintaining gardens and green spaces, and ensuring the proper functioning of technological systems. They are adept at troubleshooting and collaborating with other professionals to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for clients.

  • Technicians
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners

The role of a Linker in a wellness centre

Linkers act as the interface between the wellness centre and the public, supporting customers, providing information about available services, and promoting the benefits of the centre. Strong communication, interpersonal skills, and a customer-centric approach are crucial for Linkers.

  • Customer Services Representatives
  • Community Outreach Officers
  • Marketing Specialists

Where you’ll find Coordinators in a wellness centre

Coordinators serve as essential figures responsible for planning, managing, and overseeing the various operational aspects of a wellness centre. They are involved in tasks such as developing and implementing program schedules, evaluating staff performance, and overseeing administrative functions to support the overall efficiency of the centre.

  • Program Coordinators
  • Centre Managers
  • Operations & Events Coordinators
  • Administrative Assistants

What do Informers do in a wellness centre?

Informers use their expertise and passion for their subject area to support and guide clients on their wellbeing journey. They play a crucial role in educating and sharing knowledge with clients, ensuring they have the information needed to make informed decisions about their health. Some Informers may conduct workshops, seminars, or one-on-one sessions in the wellness centre.

  • Health Educators
  • Nutritionists & Dieticians
  • Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers
  • Exercise Physiologists

The role of Innovators in a wellness centre

Innovators take on the role of creating and enhancing the physical spaces and resources to optimise the wellbeing experience. They may be involved in conceptualising and implementing creative spaces, incorporating technology to improve services, and developing new approaches to wellness programs.

  • Technology Integration Specialists
  • Experience & Program Designers
  • Architects & Interior Designers

How do Guardians work in a wellness centre?

Guardians are deeply committed to health and wellness, leveraging their understanding of the human body to support others. They use their skills and knowledge to assist clients in maintaining their health and physical appearance, provide one-on-one services (such as massage, acupuncture, spa treatments, etc.), and offer guidance on maintaining a positive self-image.

  • Health & Medical Practitioners
  • Massage Therapists
  • Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Alternative Treatment Practitioners

How do we expect working in a wellness centre to change in the future?

The future of working in a wellness centre is likely to see several changes driven by societal, technological, and healthcare trends.

The adoption of virtual and remote wellness services may expand, allowing individuals to access consultations, classes, and programs from the comfort of their homes, fostering greater inclusivity and accessibility. Advances in data analytics and personalised medicine may also lead to more tailored wellness programs, with a focus on genetic information, lifestyle analysis, and individual preferences.

Wellness centres may increasingly embrace a holistic approach, incorporating mental health services, mindfulness practices, and alternative therapies to address the interconnected nature of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

With an increasing emphasis on preventive healthcare, wellness centres may also play a larger role in educating individuals about healthy lifestyle choices, disease prevention, and early intervention.

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