Alternative pathways to university

alternative pathways

You’ve spent the last few years studying hard, and have applied to uni. But what happens if offers start rolling out and you miss out? We know it can be disappointing, but it’s important to not give up. There’s always another way to get into the course of your dreams. You could consider taking an alternative pathway.

What are alternative pathways?

Like the name suggests, alternative pathways are different ways of getting into university. Instead of taking the traditional route of applying with your results at the end of high school, many universities offer tons of different ways you can get in instead.

They do this so that nobody is disadvantaged – maybe you had an illness that affected your studies, or you had music or sporting commitments that took up a lot of your time. Maybe you just didn’t quite get the results you were expecting, or you missed a prerequisite subject. Or maybe you feel like you’re just not quite ready to jump into uni straight after school.

There are options out there for everyone.

What are some common alternative pathways?

Here are just a few of the alternative pathways you could take to university:

  • Choose a course in the same field with lower entry requirements and transfer.
  • Take an alternative entry test (like the STAT).
  • Look for courses with portfolio admission.
  • Secure a place through Clearing.
  • Take a bridging course.
  • Study a vocational course in the same area.
  • Get an apprenticeship – you can always go to uni later on to consolidate your skills (plus you can earn some money while you learn).
  • Find a job and gain work experience, preferably in the same field, then apply as a mature-age student.

Plus, heaps of universities offer their own special internal pathways. For example, Macquarie University offer eleven different pathways for admission – that’s right, eleven! Here are just a few of them:

  • Didn’t quite get the ATAR you were hoping for? Try one of their foundation programs.
  • Disadvantaged by something beyond your control? The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) could be for you.
  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? Check out ATSIEP.

Your options are (nearly) endless!

Where can I find out more?

If you’re feeling uncertain about entry into your dream course, you can always contact the university or tertiary admissions centre directly and chat about your options. At the end of the day they want you to study, so they’re bound to be able to help you out.

You can also read more about alternative pathways on our website here.

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