How to become a Fashion Stylist

How to become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylists provide fashion advice to people from all walks of life. They are responsible for choosing and coordinating clothes and accessories for models on photo shoots, actors in stage and film productions, or politicians and executives attending public events. Some work with private clients to create a wardrobe that flatters them and suits their lifestyle and professional needs.

If you are creative with an eye for detail, and have fantastic listening and people skills, then a career as a Fashion Stylist could tick all your boxes.

If you have these skills, you could make a great Fashion Stylist

  • Creative with a good eye for design
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Honest communicator
  • Always on top of latest trends
  • Great negotiation & persuasion skills
  • Motivated & energetic
  • Patient & kind
  • Thrives under pressure
  • Quick-thinking & adaptable

What tasks can I expect to do?

  • Listen to clients’ wants and needs
  • Advise on suitable colours, styles, and fits
  • Source appropriate clothes and accessories
  • Ensure items fit and match the brief
  • Make any necessary adjustments
  • Attend shows and appearances as required
  • Work to set deadlines and budgets
  • Coordinate with other creatives, including makeup artists, hairdressers, and photographers
  • Research previous trends and stay up to date with the latest fashions

Where do Fashion Stylists work?

Most of your work as a Fashion Stylist will be done indoors. Some Fashion Stylists run their own business, while others might work in-house for an agency or company. Common places to find Fashion Stylists include shopping centres and malls; boutiques; film, photography, and stage sets; modelling agencies; advertising firms; and in private homes.

Fashion Stylists can have all different kinds of clients, including actors, musicians, models, politicians, journalists, executives, or just anyone who spends a lot of time in the public eye. You’ll also work with ordinary people of all genders, sizes, and ages, building their wardrobe for everyday, work, and special occasions.

What kind of lifestyle can I expect as a Fashion Stylist?

A Fashion Stylist can have a varied working week, with hours depending on your clients’ schedules. You might often find yourself working on weekends and holidays, particularly if there’s an important deadline coming up. There are also lots of opportunities for travel as a Fashion Stylist, whether you need to be on set for a photo shoot or a client wants you to visit them in their home.

Most Fashion Stylists earn an average salary throughout their career.

Fashion Stylists tend to be more common in larger cities and urban areas, so you may have trouble finding work in rural and regional areas. But virtual styling is also becoming more and more popular, with Fashion Stylists able to give clients advice and recommendations via video call and conferencing apps.

How to become a Fashion Stylist

A degree isn’t strictly essential for entry to this career, but some formal training can be advantageous. Either way, you’ll need to build a strong portfolio of work to impress potential employers and clients.

Step 1 – Study English, Maths, and any creative classes that inspire you at high school. Business studies could also be useful.

Step 2 – Get relevant work experience and immerse yourself in all aspects of the fashion world. Start building a portfolio that showcases your best work.

Step 3 – Consider completing a relevant qualification. Vocational courses and undergraduate degrees are common, but short courses and workshops can be useful too. Look for courses in fashion, styling, design, creative arts, or even merchandising. Keep in mind that many professional and accredited courses also come with work experience and networking opportunities.

Step 4 – Start networking to make useful industry contacts, and if possible, secure an internship or find a mentor.

Step 5 – Continually build on your network, stay up to date with the latest trends, and keep adding to your portfolio.

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