What is it like to work in a stock exchange?

What is it like to work in a stock exchange

A stock exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to trade shares of publicly listed companies. For companies, being listed on a stock exchange provides them with a platform to raise capital by selling shares to the public. Investors buy shares of companies with the hope of earning returns through stock price appreciation and dividends.

Traditionally, stock exchanges had physical locations known as trading floors where traders would gather to buy and sell stocks. Today, most major stock exchanges operate electronically, allowing traders to buy and sell stocks through computer networks.

Here are some of the basics you can expect when working in a stock exchange:

  1. A fast paced-environment – the stock exchange is very busy, and real-time decision-making requires excellent focus and attention.
  2. Lots of maths and money – strong numeracy skills are obviously a big advantage in this industry.
  3. Remote work is common – access to the internet allows you to trade and manage stocks from anywhere in the world.

Buy and sell company shares

Stock exchanges are usually found in the financial and insurance services industry. There are lots of different stock exchanges all over the world, including major global exchanges like Euronext and Nasdaq, to smaller exchanges in emerging markets and countries.

Key tasks

  • Execute stock trades for clients
  • Analyse market trends and data
  • Monitor financial news for relevant information
  • Develop trading strategies and algorithms
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and laws
  • Report on financial trends and changes
  • Provide customer support for trading inquiries
  • Manage and maintain electronic and physical systems
  • Conduct research on potential investment opportunities
  • Advertise opportunities and benefits to the public
  • Mitigate and manage potential risks
  • Collaborate with brokers, analysts, and regulatory bodies

You can expect regular hours and flexible work

Regular hours  |  Flexible work  |  Jobs more common in metro areas  |  Strong job growth

Employees in stock exchanges often work standard business hours, typically from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Electronic trading allows for some flexibility, but having set hours allows for easier coordination with both local and international markets.

Recent advancements in technology have made remote work much more common for certain roles. On the other hand, many critical functions (such as trading and system maintenance) often require on-site presence to ensure security, reliability, and seamless coordination.

Stock exchanges are mainly located in metropolitan areas. Major cities tend to have a high concentration of financial institutions, investment firms, and corporate headquarters, providing easy access for market participants.

The Career Clusters you’ll find in a stock exchange

People from all Clusters are needed for a stock exchange to run successfully, but the most common Clusters you’ll find are Informers, Innovators, and Linkers. In many roles, you might find yourself performing tasks across multiple Clusters.

What do Makers do in a stock exchange?

Makers play an important role in maintaining the physical and technical aspects of a stock exchange’s operations. Their tasks involve regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairing technical systems to prevent disruptions. They may also be involved in the setup and maintenance of servers, computers, networks, and even physical offices and facilities.

  • Technicians (Network, Systems & Equipment)
  • IT Support Workers
  • Tradespeople (Electricians, Plumbers, etc.)
  • Maintenance Workers

The role of a Linker in a stock exchange

Linkers in stock markets are involved in guiding potential investors through the process of buying and selling stocks, answering questions, and ensuring a smooth customer experience. Some Linkers act as the “middleman” between organisations and potential investors. Other Linkers might help promote the benefits of the stock market to a wider audience.

  • Customer Relations Specialists
  • Business Representatives
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Public Relations Officers

Where you’ll find Coordinators in a stock exchange

Coordinators play a critical role in planning, managing, and administering various aspects of stock market operations. They might be involved in running events such as investor conferences, coordinating training programs for staff, and ensuring that employees and practices comply with regulatory standards. Coordinators might also evaluate the performance of staff, monitor operational systems, and oversee administrative processes to maintain smooth day-to-day operations.

  • Operations Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Administrative Coordinators & Assistants

What do Informers do in a stock exchange?

Informers utilise their knowledge and skills to support and guide individuals within the financial realm. They might educate others about the complexities of stock trading, investment strategies, and market dynamics. Some may provide training sessions for new traders or report information about market trends. Other Informers might be analysing market data, conducting research, or ensuring that transactions are legal.

  • Investment Consultants
  • Stockbrokers
  • Market Analysts
  • Financial Advisors
  • Data Analysts
  • Finance Lawyers

The role of Innovators in a stock exchange

Innovators contribute to the development of cutting-edge tools and platforms that support trading activities, market analysis, and overall operations in stock markets. They may be involved in creating and improving electronic trading systems, designing user-friendly interfaces for trading platforms, and implementing technological solutions to address challenges.

How do Guardians work in a stock exchange?

Guardians in stock exchanges are mainly focused on safeguarding the integrity of businesses and investors. They might be responsible for implementing security measures to protect sensitive financial data and transactions, or developing strategies to mitigate and manage financial risks. If a stock exchange has a physical office, a Guardian might help to ensure it’s safe and comfortable for workers.

  • Risk Management Specialists
  • Security & Compliance Officers
  • Workplace Health & Safety Officers

How do we expect working in a stock exchange to change in the future?

The way stock exchanges operate has already changed greatly thanks to advances in technology, and is set to evolve even further into the future.

The trend toward automation may lead to more and more processes becoming digitised and streamlined. This includes algorithmic trading, data analysis, and other routine tasks, leading to increased efficiency but also requiring new skill sets. Skills in data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and coding are becoming increasingly valuable in this industry.

But with increased reliance on technology, there’s also a growing need for robust cybersecurity measures. Working in a stock exchange will involve a heightened emphasis on protecting financial data and preventing cyber threats.

Stock exchanges are already interconnected globally, and this trend is likely to continue. Workers will need to navigate international markets and collaborate with diverse teams of people.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are gaining importance in many industries, particularly finance. Working in a stock exchange may involve a heightened focus on sustainable investing, ethical practices, and transparency in reporting.

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