Top 10 most popular Job Spotlights of 2023

With Job Spotlights and Workplace Spotlights being created every week at SWG, it’s hard to keep track of what we’ve done. So the end of the year is a great time to look back and see what we’ve achieved.

Here are our most popular Job Spotlights from 2023 in order of popularity, including a couple of surprising results.

SWG Top 10 most popular Job Spotlights of 2023

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How to become a Music Therapist

Ideal for empaths and music lovers with a desire to help others.

How to become a Tattooist

A talented artist? If you have a steady hand, strong stomach, and are great at listening to people and understanding what they what want, this could be a perfect job for you.

How to become a Sonographer

Medical imaging professionals need to be compassionate and committed to improving people’s health. You’ll also need exceptional focus, patience and be an excellent communicator.

How to become a General Practitioner (GP)

If you have the necessary dedication to complete the studies and on-going training. If you thrive on variety but can also enjoy hum drum, and you’re great at establishing connections and empathising with people from all walks of life, then this could be a rewarding career to consider.

How to become a Pathology Collector

Definitely not for the squeamish! You’ll need to be organised, a multi-tasker, who’s great at following protocols, with an approachable and friendly demeanour to succeed in this job.

How to become an Auslan Interpreter

For communication gurus only! For this rewarding career you’ll need fluency (ideally in multiple languages), dexterity, and have wonderful people skills. A great memory would be a bonus too.

How to become a Real Estate Agent

Do you get along easily with everyone? Great at mediating and negotiating too? If you’re looking for a career working away from an office and with the thrill of closing deals, this could be the perfect career for you.

How to become a Cosmetic Chemist

Become a cosmeceutical creator! Devising new products from make and soap, to sunscreen or deodorant. This career could blend your creative and scientific skills perfectly.

How to become an Emergency Services Operator

If you’d like to help people and save lives every day. If you’re able to make quick, critical decisions under pressure, while remaining compassionate and empathetic….. people like you are needed in these roles.

How to become a Picker and Packer

The unsung heroes working behind the scenes in warehouses and industries around the globe. To do this job you’ll need to be organised and physically fit, to keep up with this fast paced and active career.

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