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Stay up-to-date on everything in careers and further study

As a Careers Advisor, Guidance Counsellor, or Senior Year Co-ordinator, it can be difficult to stay across the latest industry news each week while also managing your school workload.
Knowing about everything that’s happening means looking at hundreds (or thousands) of resources each week… Which is where Study Work Grow comes in.
Our team of researchers find and collate the latest information from right hundreds of sources across Australia each week – so you and your school community are always fully informed.
“Thank-you for your key role at Study Work Grow and the communication, notifications and updates you have sent me over the past years. Your informative newsletter has been an extremely valuable resource to my role and the students and parents at my school…”

– Graeme, Careers Advisor from Queensland


It’s easy to create your own school-branded careers newsletter, packed with the latest information. Find out everything that’s going on near you


Find resources to motivate and inspire your students, including resume builders, job spotlights and more


Be the first to know what’s happening. We often find out about opportunities before anyone else, and we negotiate on your behalf to deliver more value for your students

We cover every imaginable type of careers news and information

Our team researches the latest info from:

• Universities in Australia (all 43 of them)
• TAFE Colleges Australia-wide
• Private Colleges & Training Institutions
• Major Employers & Trainers (e.g. Defence, local councils etc)
• Scholarships / Apprenticeships / Traineeships
• And much more

Get the tools you need (and put your name on them)

You have the power in this relationship.

You can choose to use Study Work Grow in a format that suits you and your school – you’re welcome to leverage our brand name and let everyone know you’ve subscribed to Study Work Grow on their behalf, or keep it under wraps and we’ll rebrand everything the way you like it.

Every subscribing school receives:

State and national news delivered each week to your inbox

A FREE School-branded careers website that automatically updates with the latest news content from our team (and you can add your own posts to it too)

Find every upcoming event and important date in ourevents calendar with all state and national news in an easy-to-read format that you can directly add to your iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook

Teaching resources including online resume builders you can use in class as well as lesson plans and more

Parents, Teachers and Students can subscribe for FREE when the school subscribes – ensuring the entire school community gets incredible value for your subscription

It’s all about making your life easier as a careers advisor, so you can focus on the right things – your students.

Give them the best chance of success

One platform with all the careers news, tools and resources you need to support your students from Year 7 to graduation and beyond

Create newsletters they'll love

We’ve got the news, you’ve got the readers. Our Newsletter Creator lets you choose articles (including your own) and turn them into a customised, school-branded newsletter that’s all your own.

With just a few clicks, you can be getting the right information out to your teachers, students and parents in seconds.


Your own careers website

Show your school community (and your teaching team) that you’re delivering easy and up-to-date ways for careers information to get into the hands of your students.

With a school-branded careers website from Study Work Grow (FREE with your annual news subscription), you’ll have a modern, easy to use resource that’s constantly updated with the latest news from our researchers.

Hosted, managed and all done for you. For free.

Every event you want to know about

Find out about Open Days, Info Sessions, application deadlines, workshops, webinars, conferences, and more, then quickly and easily add events to your Google Calendar or iCal on the go.

Plus, you can easily share events with students with just a few clicks, so they can rely on you to tell them what’s happening.


Learning for life

Students can find out about University, TAFE, VET, apprenticeships, and private educational institutions, then make an informed decision about what they want to do after school’s over.

We’ve put everything at your fingertips – from places to study to how to apply, and even overseas options.

Help them manage their money

Without financial literacy, your students will find it hard to enjoy a successful post-school transition.

Teach them to handle their finances, build a budget, secure financial assistance to study, deal with their tax & superannuation, and find scholarships.


The low-down on every career

When your students ask about a career you can send them to the one place – your website will have comprehensive information about every career field and industry, from Agriculture to Youth Work (and everything in between).

They can see industry outlooks, read about different jobs, and find career-specific resources that will help them make their decision.

Support their wellbeing

Studying can be mentally tough and with the feeling of constant pressure to achieve, a student’s wellbeing can often be an afterthought.

That’s why we’ve put together some information about maintaining a healthy mind and body while studying. Find study tips, gap year advice, mental health support and more.


“Thanks so much for all the work you do in providing such a quality service.  Love getting your newsletter each week – always feel like I’m not missing anything that my students might need to know about.” 

Christine Beasley, Careers Advisor EVET & SBAT Coordinator, Bowral High School

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