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If you’re ready to pursue your university goals but don’t currently meet our standard admission requirements, our Portfolio Entry Pathway could be the ideal option for you.

We offer a wide range of courses that are eligible for portfolio entry. Download the PDF to see the options available.




Both school leavers and mature age applicants can apply for portfolio entry.

If you’re a school leaver, you can demonstrate your eligibility through your final year 12 subject results and/or extra-curricular activities in an area directly related to your desired course.

For mature age applicants, eligibility can be evidenced by relevant life experience, employment, any formal qualifications or awards, and supporting professional references, directly related to your desired course.

All portfolio applicants need to demonstrate Murdoch’s minimum English language competency (ELC) requirements to qualify for entry.


Application Dates


Apply direct to Murdoch at any time.

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Low ATAR | Mature Age






Online study available

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