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Launched in 2020, this pathway offers current Year 12 students who meet the eligibility criteria added peace of mind by giving them the opportunity to enter one of our many undergraduate degrees based on their Year 11 results.




This entry pathway is now available to current Year 12 students from all schools in the Northern Territory. In addition to all South Australian schools and select border NSW and Victorian schools. Check if your school is eligible.

Students must have achieved at least A/B or IB-equivalent Year 11 grades to be considered for entry via this pathway.

Our alternative Year 11-based entry pathway applies to all our undergraduate degrees, with the exception of competitive programs (i.e. those in which places are limited, or offered according to additional, merit-based criteria).




Apply via SATAC. Your school will provide the university with your Year 11 subject results.

Application dates TBC.

Early Offers for your state






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