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Right now, the job market young people are facing is…. um, challenging (thanks, COVID).

But with the right info, you can still be winning by the time you finish Year 12. Whether it’s getting a job straight away, or taking on higher education, a Study Work Grow Student Membership can help you get there. 

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The world is changing super-fast, and we don’t know which jobs will exist in 5 or 10 years time. This means you’re going to need to give yourself options, so you can respond and adapt along the way.

That’s why knowing what’s happening with a Study Work Grow FREE Student Membership can put you way ahead of everyone else. You’ll get brief weekly updates on everything, so all the information is at your fingertips.

Study Work Grow… has become my ‘go to’ resource… the newsletters are vital for events and information…


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Want to know what’s happening so you can help your student to make the right choices? 

Study Work Grow welcomes parents to join us as well – just choose either a Free or Premium Student Membership and tick ‘Parent’ when you register. We’ll ensure you get the parent version of our popular weekly news – so you’ll know the best options for their future.


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Since 2006, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Australian students to discover amazing opportunities and career paths they love – simply by getting our news each school week. 

(Even Mum & Dad can get access to the news as well if they like, so you can work out a path together).

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