The NCVER VET Participation Report is out

This report looks at the state of VET training in Australia. There’s lots of information about where people train and how they train, and it’s worth looking at the data if you’re interested in VET.


The data from 2017 shows that while student numbers are up slightly, program enrolments, providers and delivery hours are all down on the previous years’ activity.

I was surprised to learn that around one quarter of all adults aged 15 – 64 took part in some form of VET in 2017, and that almost half of 15 – 19-year-old’s participated.


From their website:

‘The estimated number of students participating in VET has remained steady at 4.2 million in 2017, with participation highest among 15 to 19 year olds (46.1%).’


Although it’s not wise to look at any statistic in isolation, the data shows you have a better chance of finishing a program if you complete it through school (53.5%) vs through TAFE (43.2%) or a private provider (47.5%) – which may be worth considering if you’re looking at a VET in Schools program.


To find out more, view the infographic or download the report.

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