The Top 10 Skills Employers Look For

Have you got what they’ll be looking for?


Anyone who doesn’t know that the job market for young people is tough has been living with their head in the sand.

But there are ways to make yourself more appealing to potential employers and boost your chances in the job market.

We’re going to take a look at what employers want to see in their employees – the Top 10 Skills employers look for when assessing job applicants.


Your ATAR or OP isn’t enough

Sure, getting a great ATAR or OP is a good start, but it’s just one part of the puzzle.

Your marks tell potential employers that you know how to study, but they don’t give any indication of your other attributes. And those attributes, like flexibility, teamwork, and determination, can mean a lot more to your future employer than your ATAR.

Your employer wants to know that you will work hard, learn quickly, and fit into their team. So you need to show them you have those skills.


Skills help you stand out from the crowd

The job market is competitive, and right now lots of people are applying for every job.

Which means employers need to look at what other skills you have to offer, what work experience or voluntary jobs you’ve undertaken and assess you on a number of key qualities to decide if you should get the job.

Having a range of skills, and being able to prove you have them, can help you stand out above the other candidates, and make it easy for the employer to select you.


There are 10 key skills employers look for


Each job will have a range of specific skills they need, but in general these are the ones that will help you stand out the most:

  1. Communications
  2. Flexibility
  3. Determination
  4. Team Work
  5. Ability to Learn
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Loyalty
  8. Resilience
  9. Self-discipline
  10. Tech Skills


In our next few posts we’ll delve into more detail about these top 10 skills employers are looking for, how you can brush up on them and how to get them across when you apply for jobs.

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