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US Athletic Scholarships How Academics Can Increase Your Chances | Crimson Education

Learn how academics can significantly impact your scholarship chances from the Director of Crimson Athletics, Tessa Berger.

October 20 | Floreat, WA

October 22 | Fortitude Valley

October 24 | Main Beach, Gold Coast

October 27 | Hawthorn

Are you aiming to secure a sports scholarship to a US College?

With thousands of student-athletes competing for limited places, it could well be time to hit the books as hard as the training ground to improve your chances of getting recruited.

US College coaches look at more than just your sports results and level of representation when recruiting prospective athletes, they also take into consideration your high school grades and standardised test (SAT or ACT) scores.

Your athletic ability will only get you so far, it’s your academic results that will prove to be the difference in gaining admission to your dream university and securing additional scholarship funding.

Be at this crucial information session to start your recruitment journey and learn from one of the world’s top college-athlete admissions experts.

Attendees will learn:

  • A detailed breakdown of the US Athletic Recruitment process
  • The academic benchmarks and eligibility requirements
  • A comparison of the level of competition (NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA)
  • How academics can secure additional scholarship funding
  • The advantages of a US college undergraduate degree
  • How to start your recruitment journey

Featured Speaker:

Tessa Berger – Director of Crimson Athletics

  • Division I Athlete for Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Received 30+ NCAA Division I Full Scholarship offers
  • Perfect 4.0 GPA & President’s List honours
  • Represented New Zealand at the Fifa Women’s World Cup
  • Mentored student-athletes to receive admission at Ivy League and top 50 US Colleges.

Tessa will be flying in especially for this event so don’t miss this chance to hear from an athletic scholarship expert!

After the presentation, Tessa and Crimson staff will be on-hand to discuss your goals.

Want to see some of our current student-athletes in waiting? Check out the videos put together on the 
Crimson Athletics YouTube channel.

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