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Study Work Grow’s range of annual career & higher education pathway handbooks are the easy way for students to find out about their options without having to spend hours searching on the web.

Discover everything you need to know about Early Entry, Co-op Scholarships, Applying to Uni, Uni at School, Work Experience, and Gap Years; as well as our popular ‘Pathways to’ guides that include Medicine, Teaching, Nursing, Engineering, Law, and others.

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Our Handbooks make it easier to consider your options

Have you ever tried searching for Early Entry options or Scholarships only to be completely overwhelmed with so many websites to troll through?

Our in-house research team finds information from every university, higher education institution, or career pathway relevant to each guide and publishes them all in beautiful, high-quality printed A4 handbooks.

All the info in the one place

All Study Work Grow handbooks and guides are written in an engaging, informative way, with step-by-step suggestions for things to think about when considering, researching, and applying for a study or career pathway.

Our handbooks are all about making information accessible.

They’re designed to be used in career education lessons, at home in career or ‘future’ conversations, in guidance or wellbeing rooms at school, the school library (as part of a careers collection) or bought as a gift for that studious young person in your family.

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