Apply your creative flair and eye for detail

The arts, entertainment, and recreation

Work in an industry known for it's passion and creative vibe

You could find yourself managing concerts, producing shows for Netflix, exhibiting your work internationally, or introducing tourists to your area. 

Create fine art pieces or work with museums

Perform, dance, sing, or entertain

Guide visitors and work in outdoor recreation

Arts and Recreation

Industry Outlook

Recreation Careers

While some sectors, such as outdoor recreation, are growing steadily, other sectors such as the arts and entertainment have been hit hard recently, and jobs may be in short supply. 

If you’re passionate about a career in the arts and recreation, then do your research, create multiple backups, and be prepared to put in the work. Look for fields where jobs are growing, and take opportunities to upskill when you can. 

Skills and Attributes

About you

People who work in the arts and recreation industry are generally positive, highly motivated people who enjoy seeing others engage with their work, whether it’s a piece of art or an evening ghost tour. 

If you’re just starting out, work on your creative Portfolio and take classes in your field to round-out your knowledge, and don’t ignore ancillary skills such as digital literacy, social media skills, and communication. These skills could help you find work in a crowded job market, and will future-proof your career. 


An innovative mindset will unlock your creative potential

Communication and Collaboration

Expect to work with others, so you'll benefit from strong oral and written communication skills

On-trend thinking

This industry is rapidly evolving, and staying on top of the current fashions and trends will help you keep up

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