Build an empire with a career in business

Business, finance, commerce, and management 

Run the world

If you’re passionate about how people exchange goods, money and ideas, then you could enjoy a career in business or law.

You could find yourself managing an innovative company, starting your own business, helping people achieve their best in HR, playing with numbers as an accountant or signing crucial deals with a career in the diverse world of business. Or as a lawyer you could help people defend their rights, find a resolution when they disagree, or protect themselves with legal support.

While business and law are technically two separate fields, there tends to be a lot of crossover – for example, corporate lawyers need to understand the business world, and anyone in business needs to understand their legal obligations.

Start or manage your own business

Control financial assets for yourself or others

Work with business leaders and develop new ideas


Industry Outlook

Business Careers

Careers in business are varied, but there are many opportunities to start your own business, or help someone else to manage theirs. 

Formal qualifications can help you get your foot in the door, and effective networking is vital to finding positions before everyone else.

Advertising, sales management, ICT managers and company secretaries are expected to be in demand in the future. 

Many roles are now available remotely, and there’s been a rise in virtual administration and automation services. 

Business Careers

Skills and Attributes

About you

Business is dynamic, so having the ability to adapt to change and to think ‘on your feet’ is a must. Employers are always looking for people who approach challenges with an open mind and have the determination to solve them. The world is changing fast and technology is playing a big part of it – so being technologically savvy will definitely help.

At a base level, business people need to be accurate, honest and considered with everything they do, as a wrong decision can have big financial or social implications for a business. Actively working in a business advisory, professional, or management role can be very exciting.


Determination and self-advocacy can help you find your niche then perform to your best

Collaboration and Teamwork

Whether you're coordinating with your co-workers, clients, or suppliers, you'll need to be able to deal well with others

Digital Literacy

An interest in maths and technology will help you stay on top of industry advances, and help you remain innovative

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