Create products, spaces, and experiences

Design, architecture, and manufacturing

Be responsible for creating the things we need

Working in this industry allows you to tap into your creative side, as you consider how people will benefit from what you create. You could design the next ‘hottest’ phone or tech trend, create beautiful, liveable interiors, manufacture fine furniture, or design the fashions of the future. 

Create innovative new designs

Design products we use every day

Manufacture products, clothes, and goods

Design and manufacturing

Industry Outlook

Design and Manufacturing Careers

Design is a human skill, and we’ll need more people who can use cutting-edge technology to design the products of the future. 

While some manufacturing is being automated, people are still needed for high-skilled roles and for boutique and niche manufacturing.

Design and Manufacturing Careers

Skills and Attributes

About you

To work in this industry, you’ll need strong creative and innovative instincts as well as an eye for detail. You’ll be responsible for creating products, services, experiences, and spaces which are suited to their users and fit-for-purpose. 

Expect to work with software and design technology, as well as specialised manufacturing equipment. 


Innovation is essential for quality design-work

Communication and Collaboration

You'll be working with teams to create the end result, so you'll need to be able to communicate your intent and listen to others

Problem Solving Skills

Things won't always go to plan, so you'll need to be able to come up with solutions and work arounds

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